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kimmik 06-18-2012 02:00 AM

Playbook video chat and ID
I bought 4 PlayBook for myself, my mother and two brothers to have video chats. Myself and my mother's two months ago. I found the video chat works fine so I bought two others for my brothers to communicate.

However, from few days ago, my mother's video chat function became dead. Camera still works fine, internet works fine. So I thought it is some kind of registration or network problem. But I rebooted many times to catch the blackberry network but it still does not work.

Question 1. Are there any other ways to recover the video chat functions?

Since one brother lives near my mother, they don't need to video chat. So I am planning to ask him to switch the playbook. Give the new one to my mother. And if my brother has the broken one, he probably will find how to fix it later, because my brother understands computer way better than my mother.

Question 2. Can we switch the playbook tablet by just switching the registered I'D, email address, and video chat I'D? Or registered I'D and email address should match with tablet serial number?

knottyrope 06-18-2012 09:13 AM

Re: Playbook video chat and ID
For 1

First I would like you to do a Back Up of your PlayBook using your computer and BlackBerry Desktop Software.

This can be downloaded for free from BlackBerry - BlackBerry Desktop Software - BlackBerry Software at

After the Back Up is complete I need you to unplug your PlayBook and then push and hold down the Power Button until the unit Force Powers Off.

Now, while Desktop Software is still open on your computer and the PlayBook Powered Off, Connect the PlayBook to your computer.

You should see and error screen from Desktop Software pop up that has the options to Retry, Update, or Cancel.

QUICKLY choose the Update option.

This will erase all the information off of your PlayBook and Re-Write the Software back onto it. Once it's complete your PlayBook will need to go back through the setup wizard, and you can then perform a restore using Desktop Software to return your information. The only thing that won't come back after the restore are the apps that you downloaded from App World but they can be easily Re-Installed using the My World feature in App World.

For 2, you have to do above backup and then wipe the playbook to swap BBID.
Try my first option as it usually works well.

kimmik 06-18-2012 11:42 PM

Re: Playbook video chat and ID
Thank you very much.
I guess this is to make default setting right?
I tried up to the downloaded program waiting on PC.
I have to write this instruction to my brother.
I hope he can fix the tablet for my mother.

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