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Alexutz 06-18-2012 03:44 PM

MockItUp - wireframing for PlayBook
Hello everyone,

We've been recently tinkering with a wireframing tool for the Playbook tablet. Being able to quickly mockup a website page or web app concept and get others to pitch in is an awesome means of getting feedback and making things right from the start without ever writing one line of code. Doing this on a tablet really gives you a mobility boost... and present a a whole new set of challenges to the app in order to be easily usable.

We thought about giving it a go and seeing where it leads us so here it is: using your fingers to build prototypes in an easy and fun way.

MockItUp is still work in progress but we wanted to reach out to you and get your feedback to see if this is worth while.

The cornermarks of MockItUp will have to be ease of use and mobility.

MockItUp will do its best to get out of your way when you're building a mockup. No countless buttons and tabs and stuff. It's just you and the canvas. The rest will only appear when needed so you can get work done as soon as you open the app.

Once a mockup built, you will be able to send it via email or upload it to dropbox or other cloud storage provider.

One very neat feature will be a collaborative design in which you will be able to connect multiple devices is a design session. The other participants will see live the changes you make to the mockup and even be able to step in and propose adjustments.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please keep in mind that this is in early stage and surely things will evolve a great deal.

To make things easier we provided a small preview video of MockItUp in action.
MockItUp for Tablets teaser:

Thank you

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