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hedone.hawker 07-26-2012 10:11 AM

Free FUZZengine personalization tool
Dear BlackBerryForums friends and fans!

For quite some time we were preparing this application and it's finally here for you to test. Why test? Coz we didn't release any applications yet that supports FUZZengine. We are working hard to provide you with applications for FUZZengine and we are talking with other developers so they can include FUZZengine features to their applications.

For now you can use FUZZengine as a wallpaper downloader. We are uploading new wallpapers and signing contracts with new providers every day.

If you are developer or someone who can contribute material for FUZZengine, please check developers or contributors pages here: FUZZengine | Personalize your applications | FUZZengine

Get FREE FUZZengine here: FUZZengine | Personalize your applications | FUZZengine

First Application supporting FUZZengine features is also available! Check it out here!

Yesterday we've published new sounds from our new content provider "Ferringo Sound Design" - you know them already - This great group of sound designers made sounds not only for your BlackBerry device but also for a lot of well known companies and groups.

We are proud we were able to provide you with this high quality, professional sounds.

Please check this post to get more information about it.

One more important information for you in you are application developer:
FUZZengine API is now published on FUZZengine developers website. You can download it together with all documentation and start including FUZZengine features in to your applications.

Let me remind you - FUZZengine API and features are not only easy to implement - use of FUZZengine in your application is FREE!

Please check FUZZegnine developers website for more information.

You can check how FUZZengine is implemented in first FUZZengine enabled application Slotch here.

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