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ahealth 09-15-2012 07:46 PM

Blackberry camera image showing on Playbook via Bluetooth / Bridge
Hi all

I'm new to these forums and to the Playbook so maybe this has already been discussed / covered in the past...

Might sound like an odd request, but maybe if I give a quick background you will see why I need this: I am a trainee cupping therapist (a bit like a massage therapist) and I was looking for a way to show my clients during the treatment session how the treatment is being done, especially as cupping therapy is mainly done on their back while they are lying face down on a bench. So I was thinking of having maybe like a camera at ceiling height (maybe like a CCTV camera) and a little flat screen mounted just beneath the bench at the head-end so that while they are lying down relaxed, they can if they wish to, see what's happening literally 'behind their back'.

Hope you can picture what I mean, and I'm sure in any similar therapy like massage, acupuncture etc would also make sense to have this option. And having recently come across the Playbook and Blackberry Bridge, I was just wondering that is it at all possible (at least for the timebeing), instead of doing a full-blown installation of cameras/flat screens, to do the same thing with my Blackberry 9700 and the Playbook.

IE is it possible to put the Playbook in view of the person undergoing the treatment, and then hold the BB 9700 at a higher level above their back, and with bluetooth/Bridge, turn on the camera feature and show the live image that is being captured by the BB, to show on the Playbook below?

Sorry if this sounds more complicated than it is, but I want to do seems like a simple thing to be able to do nowadays so it would be great if I could do this with my BB and Playbook.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading this unusual question, and thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

nobody7290 09-16-2012 03:06 PM

Re: Blackberry camera image showing on Playbook via Bluetooth / Bridge
AFAIK, this is not possible - viewing the live image of the Blackberry with the playbook.
I think there is an application which makes the screen of the blackberry availible on the playbook using WiFi, but I doubt, that this will work reliable. Also, a dedicated camera is much better for this kind of task anyway.

you can: receive a webcam/ip-cam data stream with the playbook:
This can be done either using flash video or rtsp (flash is supported by the playbook native, rtsp is possible using an android application).

webcam + flash might need some amount of conversion. Most IP-Cams will send rtsp, but, not flash. Conversion can be done by using VLC and flowplayer software.

But also rtsp might involve transcoding video if the used codec by the Camera is not compatible with the playbook.

Or, just get a supported IP-Camera which works with the playbook. I would first go this way.
If you cant find anyhting, check out this post:

someone will be able to help you to find the software and install it on the playbook. Then you should have plenty of choice of webcams which will work.

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