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robarkim 12-21-2012 11:56 AM

Apps downloaded but can't use them
I have a new Playbook and am not doing something correctly. I want to use the apps for Facebook and Ebay. I downloaded them and they are sitting in My Apps. I cannot get them to appear on my dock or useable apps. I read where you touch them until they light up and then drag them where you want to have them. When I do this, nothing happens. I also do not have a little white star at the top of my browser with a little green cross in it that some users have said you can touch to add a bookmark. I cannot get bookmarks or apps to work. If I want to go to Ebay, I have to go to Google, type in Ebay, hit it on the search, etc. every time I want to go there. Is there a better way -- what am I doing wrong?? Thank you for all help with this learning curve. I love the Playbook.:?

Boight 12-22-2012 06:50 AM

Re: Apps downloaded but can't use them
Not sure if we're on the same page but..

It's touch and HOLD until they flash before you can move icons.
In the browser swipe down from the top to reveal the two bookmark items and all the other menus.

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