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btaylor1 07-27-2013 05:39 PM

"Message displayed on locked text"
i've been on phone a good while with RIM (or maybe blackberry) because my chosen "Message displayed on lock screen" (name, work telno, NRF) will NOT appear when the screen locks. it will only appear when i reboot the handheld. the rep is great but he's put me on hold a couple of times trying to get some more help. i think i have them stumped! anyone had this issue? otherwise, love the phone. (and i was very glad to see in another thread blackberry may bring back the delete-email-only-on-device option i'm missing already.) OOPS, he couldn't figure out why my device is acting like this. (he tested two where he was and said they both worked fine. we agreed reinstalling OS made no sense given at&t shipped me the new q10 just the other day.) any thoughts/guesses appreciated! thx

btaylor1 07-28-2013 01:43 PM

Re: "Message displayed on locked text"
[sorry, i see the last word in Re: line is wrong]

as an experiment, after church and lunch today, i visited a local at&t store and demo'ed this q10 issue to a very pleasant and bright young sales guy. he took an interest and tried a few things with me. he didn't see anything wrong with my settings, and he also couldn't make my chosen "Message displayed on locked screen" appear after the screen lock; for him also, my chosen "Message displayed on locked screen" instead showed only after restarting the handheld. he had just gotten a new z10 for himself, and we tested matching settings (as much as we could) and adding two lines of script for his chosen "Message displayed on locked screen" and letting his z10's screen lock after the assigned time period. well, his z10 DID display his chosen two line message after the z10's screen locked.

now i'm wondering to myself if there might be an issue with my one q10 phone, or if there might be something wrong with q10 phones generally, or perhaps just with at&t branded q10 phones like mine. i'm not seeing others confirm this issue so perhaps it's something just with my q10 phone. still, i (ignorantly, i'll confess) suspect some sort of operating system glitch and will hold off for now on rim/blackberry's 2nd or 3rd tier support suggestion to remove and reinstall the operating system. i'm not confident i could accomplish that, and at&t sold me the phone just a couple of days ago. will think more about this some more.

btaylor1 07-28-2013 02:39 PM

Re: "Message displayed on locked text"
HOORAY. the problem now seems to have mysteriously righted itself. after the last two times the screen locked, my desired "message displayed on locked screen" in fact displayed on the locked screen! i also now see at the top center a new icon that looks like a bed with a quarter moon above it. then i can enter device password normally. (but if i had lost the device and a stranger found it, s/he would have my name, work number, and firm name! thank you rim, or blackberry, or at&t, or whoever made this start working!

btaylor1 07-28-2013 04:22 PM

Re: "Message displayed on locked text"
UPDATE. this is bizarre but problem is now back. my chosen "message on locked screen" is not longer working reliably. i only see my name and office number displayed after a reboot, not after the password lock kicks in. i guess i'm stuck taping the information on the back for now

btaylor1 07-29-2013 01:09 PM

Re: "Message displayed on locked text"
ok, i'll try to make this last update on this subject. now since about lunch, the "Message displayed on locked screen" function seems to be working again. the only change that's happened is that our help desk helped me uninstall blackberry 7 and install new blackberry link to the firm notebook my q10 connects to during the workday for charging. i can't imagine any reason why software changes on the notebook computer would make the "Message displayed on locked text" start working right, so maybe this is just a fluky on again, off again glitch. i'll plan not to spam everyone again if it stops working again, unless i perceive something new, interesting or informative in any later change(s)

btaylor1 08-08-2013 11:34 PM

Re: "Message displayed on locked text"
"displayed text on locked screen" update:

a very professional at&t blackberry support tech spent a LONG time with me tonight, phone home for some help too, and after everything we tried failed, he walked me through a device wipe. i'll need help tomorrow restoring my contacts etc. but the "displayed text on locked screen" text i programed on the two lines now consistently dosplays each time the device password time limit expires and locks the screen. (at leat for tonight!) hooray and thx at&t

btaylor1 08-09-2013 11:00 AM

Re: "Message displayed on locked text"
q10 "displayed text on locked screen" update

after sleeping on this i decided to test whether my font settings were the problem, and i think they are

after last night's device wipe, my font was defaulted back to 8. i changed it to 14 (for my old eyes), and fairly soon the "displayed text on locked screen" quit working. more tests and experiments, and here were my results:

8 point: display on locked text works
9 point: display on locked text works
10 point: display on locked text works
11 point: display on locked text works
12 point (and larger) displayed text on locked text quits working

i'd rather have 12 or 14 point for my old tired eyes, but i can live with 11 point to keep my display on locked text working

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