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bluejae 03-31-2013 09:16 PM

problem with sms/mms transfer from 9900 to z10
just picked up a z10 yesterday from tmobile. i followed the steps to get everything from the 9900 over to the z10 but my problems are with the text messages.

none of my recent text messages show up. instead i see at the top of the list a bunch of group message with people's names but when i look at them, there is no message. if i scroll past them which are in no specific order. i see some texts from 5 months ago.

i can send a text. i can send a picture. i can receive a picture but i can't receive texts.

i was able to receive text messages before transferring the data over. i tested this out by first backing up the z10 and it's data through blackberry link, and then i did a restore to factory. after going back to factory, i could receive sms messages just fine. but then when i restore the data, the same thing happens again.

i've also noticed it's kind of laggy in the messaging windows.

ideally, i would like to keep all my texts from my 9900 and be able to have it on my z10 with no problems. so far i've been unable to do this.

so unless someone has a solution, i think what i'll try next is do a back up of the 9900 without the messages data, and then restore that to the z10. this way the z10 will have no messages.

i've also contacted tmobile support and blackberry support and they could not help me or explain. they just told me to go to a tmobile store and get a new phone. but i don't think it's the phone, i just think there is something wrong when it comes to transferring messages.

also, i've noticed that the phone gets pretty warm even when there is no apps open. when it's just in my pocket, it's warm. i wondered if it had anything to do with my case (poetic atmosphere), but even when it's off, it's still warm. it's just a lot warmer with the case.

also, the battery life is terrible. i keep having the feeling something is running in the background, but i can't tell. but today i saw the battery life go from fully charged to 45% in about 2 hours. maybe 20-30 minutes of use. and the rest was it just sitting idle on a table.

nfc off, bluetooth off, wifi off, lte off, brightness lowest setting

any advice would be appreciated.

dc/dc 04-01-2013 07:10 AM

Re: problem with sms/mms transfer from 9900 to z10
It does sound like something is running in the background. My battery life is nowhere near that bad. How many accounts are syncing on the device?

bluejae 04-01-2013 12:06 PM

Re: problem with sms/mms transfer from 9900 to z10
i went to my 9900, deleted all sms messages, inbox/outbox, and mms. then i did a factory restore on the z10. then followed the steps to transfer everything over to the z10 using blackberry link.. and everything seems to be working fine.

i'm not sure what it was, but it could have been the large amount of messages... or group messages didn't transfer over correctly... or mms messages didn't transfer over correctly... either way it's working fine. and the phone isn't nearly has warm/hot as it was before.


Originally Posted by dc/dc (Post 1801535)
It does sound like something is running in the background. My battery life is nowhere near that bad. How many accounts are syncing on the device?

at the time there was only 1 gmail account and facebook.

i also heard from someone else that yesterday they had some trouble receiving text messages. that some messages came late.

i also started to received some text messages when i got home and was about to wipe the z10... the text messages were sent a few hours before and i had just got them. so perhaps the problem with receiving text was not related....

either way, the lagging while trying to send text is gone. when clicking on a text the lag is gone. so i can only assume there was something wrong with the message data transfer

it's been a little over 3 hours since the z10 has been at 100% battery life... and now it's 90%

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