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kozmonaut 06-13-2013 02:44 PM

Good e-Reader App Store - Z10/Q10 Apps
Hey guys! I am not sure if you guys are aware of what we've been doing or not, for the Z10 and Q10. We have the largest BAR File App Market in the World, that have all been converted from their original Android apps. Currently we have over 3,500 apps like Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat and many others.

All of our files have been tested and verified working on the current firmware!. You have to use DDPB or the Google Chrome Plugin to get it to work. apps . goodereader . com is the address

We have like 10 video tutorials on how to side-load in your own apps, if you have no experience doing it and direct downloads. You don't need to register any kind of account or do anything, other then just download the apps.

Currently, I have a 256,000 viewed thread with over 5,000 comments on Crackberry, and wanted to make you guys here at Blackberry Forums aware of what we're doing.

I'll regularly be stopping by to answer any questions or concerns.

P.S We developed our open APK to BAR convertor online, so you can upload your own Android APK files and have them automatically converted to a BAR file. You can visit the website and click on APK TO BAR and convert your own apps.

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