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steakman 12-31-2007 08:09 PM

Tom Tom the preffered choice for my humble opinion
I know that may sound a bit pretensious...but after looking at and researching the numerous options for my 8830 which in whatever configuration is to my mind not a very user friendly PHONE, I have decide to buy a tomtom720. For practical use, the screen is much much larger than the BB, has BT that works very very well, plays mp3's and has FM transmit capability to my bose sound system in the truck.

I drive 70+k a year, throughout S. Alberta and all of the interior of BC. A reasonably sized territory. Trying to use this BB as a phone/GPs unit simply unworkable for me. It doesn't help that I use reading glasses either - another reason for the larger screen and voice activated calling etc.

But as an e-mail manager/client this unit is simply awesome and can allow me to actually have time off after work without having to sit in some hotel doing freaking e-mail till 11:00 PM every night...for that I am very gratefull.!

BTW: I did Look at the Garmin nuvi 660 as well. Seems they do not like to post their internal memory. Not sure why.? Nor how big of an SD card they are capable of. The TomTom can handle the 4Gb (type II.?), and up types.



nimocone 12-31-2007 08:26 PM

I also have a stand-alone unit for my driving purposes. I think if you drive a lot, this would be the way to go, simply for the large screen reasons. I use my gps when I'm walking downtown, bicycling, or use it when I'm riding with someone who gets lost and doesn't have a gps. To each their own tho!

steakman 12-31-2007 08:47 PM ea his own for sure. I'm not knocking th BB's abilities, in fact it is much superior to many devices I have used in the past - even it's GPS capabilities are excellent...just not user friendly in a vehicle. I don't think the developers are particularly interested in making it so in the first place.

Given my eyes are of the 55 anno variety.... 8-) nuff said.



Klotar 01-05-2008 09:44 AM

I agree that stand-alone GPS's are better, which makes sense since they are usually dedicated for navigation alone. Heck, I don't even own a car but I have a GPS, hehe. I use it for rentals and trips in a friend's car, etc.

That said, a GPS on your phone can come in handy too, such as while in some friend's car and you find yourself lost or looking to find directions to Point B (where this wasn't planned in advance). Whip out the 'ole BB and save the day!

That said, because I use the GPS in the BB so rarely (that is, only under the circumstances described in the 2nd paragraph), the last thing I wanted to do was pay $10/mo "just in case" subscription, but I also wanted something better than [at the time] Google Maps. So I went with Wayfinder Navigator 7, which cost $99 and no subscription. 2 more months and it has paid for itself (I've been using WN7 for 8 months now).

holden 01-05-2008 09:55 AM


The GPS on the BB Handheld is adequate but for your type of driving, you can't beat a separate unit. I have to pre-program my device and add to favorites prior to driving otherwise it is just about impossible to mange the device while driving. I have gotten my wife to run the BB device if we need to get going to a new location while on the run.

The ease of use of the TomTom's separate unit and larger screen, it becomes a no brainer. But, the GPS is adequate on the BB for light use around town. One of my friends just got the Garmin and says the traffic control is even better at rerouting on the Garmin compaired to the BB Telenav.

Happy New Year...


jnyost 01-05-2008 10:07 PM

I owned a TomTom but returned it. I hate the interface. Their software is subpar compared to the Garmin. The very first thing it asks for is a zip code. What if you don't know it? The first time I used it I entered a valid zip code and it told me it didn't exist. I returned it on my way home the following day.

I love my Garmin Nuvi. Of all of the GPS's I tried it beats them all. Read reviews and you'll see it generally comes out on top.

romiller 01-06-2008 01:03 PM

this really bite! got a tomtom 720. i also have a tmobile curve. now i find out rim is blocking data transfers. Why? got it to hook up via bluetooth but no data. any help? is rim going to fix this? this is so aggrevating.

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