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funkym 03-08-2009 08:03 PM

Rumors: topographic maps app TopoExplorer to be released w/ Florida & California maps
I just heard some rumors about the TopoExplorer GPS application which is still in beta test on its website. This seems just to be "officially" because I downloaded it and the beta is expired already. So I was diggin a bit more on the web and found out that the final version will be released soon.

I could gather the following (unconfirmed) details:
  • TopoExplorer for BlackBerry will be available as free download
  • It comes with a free set of map packs
  • Additional more detailed map packs can purchased
  • Additional map pack coverage for the first tier will be: California and Florida
  • Map packs for the US will have a scale of 1:24,000 (or 7.5 minute)
  • Map packs can be installed on the sd card
  • TopoExplorer does not need any internet connection for map navigation
  • Additional map packs can be purchased as "download" or "dvd pack"
  • TopoExplorer works with internal / buit-in GPS or external / Bluetooth GPS

Here is the original screen shot:

motoprof 06-05-2009 12:03 PM

Do Not Buy This If You Have A Storm


I downloaded the “free” program and the two free maps. Whenever I opened the program, it would take me off the coast of Africa to coordinates 0,0. I contacted support about this problem and was assured that it would work on my Verizon Storm. Support was very quick in responding……….. until I purchased the maps of New York State. The program still takes me to 0,0. I wrote support. No response. I wrote support again. No response. I am still waiting for a response from support but do not anticipate hearing back from them anymore. They received their money and I received 4 GB of useless files.

I am using TopoExplorer version 1.0.77 and noticed version at the BlackBerry app store. I tried the other version with the same results. The phone has the latest operating system authorized by Verizon as of 6-3-09 (v4.7.0.148 platform Google Maps, BlackBerry Maps, and Nav4all work great using the GPS. I checked the coordinates from Nav4all against my handheld GPS and found them to be the same. I wanted to make sure the coordinates were not coming from cell towers. So, the GPS works fine in three programs, but not in TopoExplorer. Sounds like a glitch on their end, not on mine. I can open a map manually (from the Maps folder), but as soon as I press down on the screen, it goes to 0,0. Hello, I do not boat in the area. I cannot load the optimum map since my maps are not from the Atlantic Ocean. :x

If this problem is fixed and the program works as advertised, I will gladly let everyone know and upgrade my rating. It is advertised as being compatible with the Storm, but I don’t think so. Verizon does not lock the GPS on the Storm like they did with other phones. If anyone has this program working on their Storm, please e-mail me at ( and let me know how you did it. :x

dcloukota 08-21-2009 12:18 PM

TopoExplorer Useless
I agree, the application is useless at this point. My biggest gripe is that they cant scale or zoom (in/out) the display. I have been able to display a map on the Storm however it starts at the upper-left hard corner and takes forever to get where you want. The zoom is too great and the GPS doesn't work at all. My advice is don't spend any money on the maps 'till they get the program perfected. Last word I got from SkyLab is that they are working on it. I have a feeling this is a start up company with a bunch of student programers that don't own a Storm and would like to make as much money while they can. It's a good idea but not ready for the real topo users. If it did work I would buy more map packages.
Here is a list of the limitations as I see it:

1. Default zoom is to tight and no ability to change (like other map apps)
2. GPS not functioning.
3. Occasionally jumps to LAT00 LON00 and freezes.
4. LAT/LONG display WAY off from mat location.
5. Doesn't remember the last map used.
6. The app does not always start.

I;ve been in the search and rescus business for years and this app would be a usefull tool IF IT WORKED. (n)


Organman 10-18-2009 09:34 PM

Still doesn't work!
As of last week, Skylab still hasn't come out with an upgrade to allow the program to work with the 9530 Storm (at least in the US with Verizon!). So, don't waste your money. Otherwise, you'll spend a lot of time getting a refund for useless map packs!

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