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BlueSkyz 08-31-2010 01:52 PM

GPS trouble with VZ Navigator
Has anyone else noticed that VZ Navigator (latest version) on the 9650 has been having trouble obtaining a location fix? I noticed intermittent trouble on Saturday, and complete failure to get a fix on Sunday and Monday morning. GMaps was able to get a lock, as was TeleNav. Numerous battery pulls failed to rectify the situation. Seeing as VZNavigator uses CDMA GPS-Assist along with GPS, I'm wondering if VZ's GPS-A servers are down.


aiharkness 08-31-2010 03:06 PM

All on the same device? Or VZNavigator on one device, and the others on other devices?

BlueSkyz 08-31-2010 03:34 PM

Yes, all on the same device.

djgrecco 09-08-2010 10:14 AM

VZ Navigator Issues on 9650 Bold
My wife and I both got the 9650's last month and the vz navigator has been awful! We have had nav. for years on other phones without incident and it has been a God-sent. But now.....on the BB (using 6.0) it's too slow with directions. We pass the exit, then it tells us to exit. I sit at a light and it shows 766', then slowly gets closer and close to the actual footage of 50'. My home location has me about 10 houses away.

I've been through all the fixes with Verizon, both on the phone and in person. My call today was my last attempt to get this working on both phones. I had a BB tech on and they will get back to me with either a fix or an option within 72 hours.

It even shows my home town as New York, NY - not Brooklyn where I live. I told them if they can't tell Brooklyn from Manhattan, then what change do I have knowing if I'm in Minneapolis or St. Paul? Close, but no cigar.

PuckerBerry 09-15-2010 09:38 PM

Not obtaining my location at all now.

jczahor 09-28-2010 08:28 AM

fixed my GPs issue
I was having the same problem when I upgraded to VZ Nav ver 6.1. I solved this only because I discovered that the update did not remove the older version of VZ Nav. When I removed it everything worked fine.

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