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Volz Innovation 01-05-2011 09:35 AM

free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
We have recently finished version 2 of the app, which has been enhanced with many new features.

- Offline and online maps for all of planet earth
- Offline search of point of interests nearby
- Global pedestrian routing

nogago Outdoor is now one of the best maps application available for
BlackBerry®. The app also transforms your mobile into a fully-fledged
outdoor navigation device that can track and measure time, distance
and speed of your activities; view maps of the area anytime and
offline; navigate along tracks and planed routes with routing
optimized for walking and biking.

We would be very happy, if you could feature our app again in your
blog. nogago outdoor is a great companion for international travelers
and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Our users can move with greater
privacy, outside of mobile network coverage and without paying data
roaming fees. We offer offline maps at 4.98 EUR/USD for up to 18.000
square miles as download at the nogago website, where you can also plan, find and create tracks for various weekend or after work outdoor activities and download the app. The app is also available on BlackBerry App World or at nogago website.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

pshift 01-05-2011 11:46 AM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation

Volz Innovation 01-05-2011 10:53 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
-> is our portal to download the app and offline maps via
Desktop install or OTA link

@ RIM's AppWorld -> Navigation & Maps our app can be found for download

nobody7290 01-06-2011 07:10 AM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Looks very promising ! I appreciate the options for finding a track for travelling by foot and bike !

The thing which is troublesome, is that data usage is a factor of 30 compared to blackberry maps. I checked two routes to identical places and monitored the usage.
Blackberry maps: 15KB
Nogago: 450KB

However, BBmaps does not offer the same features, and, as long as I am in Germany, data usage is not a problem - but, if in roaming mode, it looks not very advisable to use this without an offline map.
18.000sqm/$5 sounds not much, but, this is an rectangle of about 200km length/width, which is not that large.
Buying a map for europe will be about a $1000 - if my calculation is correct.

Is there an option for some lower-res map for offline storage - that would be a great addition.

Another good thing compared to gmaps is, that this software will run without giving it trusted application status. I banned google maps from my phone because of this.

Volz Innovation 01-06-2011 11:40 AM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Actualy if you run the app first time and have wifi access available the menu shows a special function to download the basic zoomlayer 0-6 of the globe. This free offline map occupies 13MB on your SD-Card. I think this will cover the most basic need. Just take a try.

OSM Data has far more details and therefore we need more space on the device. Todays devices are not strong enough yet to render the raw data.

Have you tried the POI search ?

nobody7290 01-06-2011 12:23 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Thanks for your reply.
I downloaded the offline map - It covers the very very very basic needs.

Tried to search for a POI, but, found not shortcut/keystroke for the search. If I open the help, there is a POI topic, but whatever help topic I click on, I get a message:
file not found, and then, could not load htmlelemt File IOExeption: File not found.

This is a BB9700, running OS, which is still an unreleased beta, maybe the problem is the device Software ?

The next I do is getting a detailed map around my home for Offline use and play with it.

Volz Innovation 01-06-2011 01:12 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
The help text and manual for key-shortcuts will be included in our next release. POI are only available for search if you zoom in to a limited area, because otherwise the number of search results would crash the mobile device's barriers. Even so the bundling with your account on our Platform at is not implemented yet. (for e.g. in-App Map-purchase and -download)

OS -> right, we are only able to test, develop and provide support for official releases of RIM's OS. We are not able to cover leaked Versions in our debug- and testing-sessions.

We are happy for your feedback, to further develop our application and offline map features. Plz feel free to send an e-mail or PM to receive a personal discount code on you map purchase.

nobody7290 01-06-2011 01:18 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Tried an offline map.
Usable, but, on my 9700 screen, hard to read (the online map can be still zoomed more).
I whish, I had a 2x software zoom in addition.
The 9700 screen is 480x360pix.
The 9800 screen is 480x360 also, but the physical dimensions are nearly the double size.
Therefore, if you dont take the dpi of the screen in account in the app, you should allow to zoom further and interpolate the result to make a better user experience.

This is one of the big advantages of BBmaps. Most things are vector graphics. Download a section, and you have any resolution without the need to further download a new pixel-map - I never understood, why everyone else then RIM took the pixel-based road.
You could overlay the vector data with pixel graphics for things like POIs or other things which cannot be stored as drawings, but roads, streetnames, borders, water, those should be vector information.

Do the offline maps contain less details then the online version ?

Dont get me wrong, I love this program, the usability is good, these are just things that could improve.

Volz Innovation 01-06-2011 01:29 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
We had the optical zoom 2x at last zoomlevel implemented, but experienced problems with older devices < OS5.0 and to be compatible with a wider range of deviced we decided to role back a step on this feature. The offline-maps are built and rendered by us on a specific date and depend on the information available in the database at this date. In very near future we will offer offline-maps with daily updated content. Most devices are not yet able to actively render the mass of details osm provides us with. The current cpu power is to small, but future generations will take this barrier down.

Have fun with nogago outdoor.

nobody7290 01-12-2011 01:43 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
I now used the Application a little, and found it works reliable.
It is however not made for Car Navigation, since it cannot find a route in a radius of more then about 100km.
But for Tracking it seems to work nice.

Now, if the Program had an option to send the current location data to a webserver, that would be a very nice addition. Then I dont need to save the tracks on the device, but will be able to store that in a database for later evaluation.
I think, that should not be too difficult to implement (?)

I dont care about security, because, If the connection goes via MDS to my private LAN there is no security risk. A simple http GET request with basic auth, like is sufficent for this.

However, most applications I saw submit the way points every nth second, or minute. Calculating a track from data gathered this way is rather difficult and has errors.
A waypoint should be submitted, dependent on current speed and direction in comparison to the last point in time.
For example, if I move fast in a car, and, change the direction, more waypoints must be sent - otherwise a polygon track will give a shorter distance than actually travelled.
If I move very slow and change the direction it should rather be assumed I do not move, because GPS is unable to determine the direction when movement is slow, otherwise the track will be longer than the travelled distance.
That also will help to reduce the traffic generated to a minimum.

RIM has built somthing like this into the BES Server. However, it still does not work reliable after several years, and, without manual tweaking only shows the current location, and does not store the waypoints of a track - I meanwhile stopped to believe that this will be ever completed to something which actually can be used for an application to track myself.

Any chance that this functionality can be implemented ? I dont know, what other people need, but for me that would be a valuable enhancenment.

Volz Innovation 01-12-2011 04:59 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Thank you very much for this detailed feedback and feature request.
Regarding the first part of your post, you might have noticed the user/password field in the application setting setup. Those are in preparation to synchronize the application (ways, tracks, maps) with your account on our portal at Nogago.Com ... I think once implemented in future releases this will be the feature you look for.

Regarding the second part and suggestion to improve the tracking mechanism. We already implemented a tracking frequency depending of your speed. However, we did this with optimization of energy consume a tracking accuracy in mind. There is always space for improvement and we took your comments in our backlog for future releases. By our initial release, we recoup a part of our development costs and will then continue to improve the features. It mainly depends on the acceptance of our business model by the end-users.

with regards nogago dev

Volz Innovation 04-04-2011 02:28 AM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Major updates on nogago portal

Within the night of 28th February to 1st of March several major updates have been implemented on

The Updates improved and fixed compatibility issues and created new services, such as:

* Full OS support by our Java-Map-Downloader on MAC OS, Windows XP / Vista / 7 and Linux Distributions
* Creation of tracks as GPX-Files, which contain Track-Segments and Way-Points
* Actualization of maps and rerendering of frequent requested areas (e.g. Central – UK, South America, Central France, the Way of St James in Spain, …)
* Possibility to name purchased areas during the purchase process and work with those name when handling the personal maps
* Active support of the end-user when selecting the location to save puchased maps on Desktop PC and Mobile Device
* Better error handling when the map download is interrupted or your internet connection is weak
* Reminder to create new JNLP Files, when downloading a purchased map again or to download new maps

We were glad to receive so much feedback by the users of our product to improve our services.

Thanks for using nogago !


nogago support

Volz Innovation 05-12-2011 02:26 PM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Maintenance update and new features

Today Thursday 12th of May we updated again our nogago portal with several new features:
  • New captcha item to ensure proper registration process and higher security
  • Function in nogago applications to upload recorded tracks to your personal account
  • Track management to add, view and delete uploaded tracks within your account
  • Improved our servers to render maps faster and more efficient with mapnik style
  • Several features to create premium content for shortly coming new fantastic applications
  • Usability feedback items to guide you better through the functions and pages
  • New download section to select and download your purchased offline maps

Within this month, we further plan to introduce again new features and release updated versions of our applications. Thank you very much for your support and great feedback to improve our portal and our applications.

nogago Support Team

Volz Innovation 06-17-2011 05:44 AM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
We are happy to present you nogago Outdoor GPS 2.20 with great new functions.

Version Number 2.20 Fix
# Bugfix of ETA, Metric mph/kmh, Options Setup
# Implementation of HTML Help files
# New function to call track summery at all times
# New map layers as Open Piste Map, Public Transport Map, Open Cycle Map
# Premium Version with special features
# New routing algorithm
# New function to upload tracks to account on

Please support our development and business by buying the premium version. Only then nogago Outdoor GPS can be further developed and get even better.

nobody7290 06-26-2011 08:25 AM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
Tried to download this version, but the download is aborted with the Error message "invalid COD" 907 (?)

I deleted the old version, after that installation worked fine.

The Application has been improved, but still I miss the option to zoom the offline map to a readable scale. Sorry, but having an offline map, wehere you have to carry a magification glass with you, that does not make much sense.

Volz Innovation 08-16-2011 03:10 AM

Re: free release of Nogago Outdoor offline navigation
The new version nogago Outdoor 2.2 provides access to four different online maps including street, topographic, skiing and public transport maps. Users can now upload their tracks directly to nogago for sharing with friends and convenient viewing. Links to the online help have been added and several bugs were fixed. Starting with this release all routing and navigation capabilities of the app are only available after purchasing a license key. Nevertheless, significant parts of the application are available for free including viewing offline and online maps and recording tracks. Therefore you can continue to use your current and existing maps with both the free and premium version. We encourage you to use your frequently updated maps by simply downloading them again.

Newly supported additional Maps:
+ OpenTransportMaps CCBYSA

+ OpenCycleMaps CCBYSA

+ OpenPisteMaps (SkiMaps) CCBYSA

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