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Nykare 09-06-2011 01:49 AM

All available cells

I am sorry if the thread already exists, but I didn't find it and I really need this answer, therefore I opened a new one.

I have BB Storm 2 (9520) and I am wondering if there is any application or software for it that can get me the informations I need.

I would like to know all available cells when I am at one spot...I am currently connected to one cell, but I know that other mobile bases cover this spot and I would like to know which bases are covering it.

Is this possible?

I would be really greatful if someone can help me.


JSanders 09-06-2011 06:26 AM

Re: All available cells
Yes, there was an on-device third party application which told the user how many and which towers were available. I don't recall the name right now, but I will look, and you can search this section as well as our Aftermarket Software section...

Nykare 09-15-2011 01:41 AM

Re: All available cells
Well, I was searching and I didn't find anything useful :\ And I really need this app... Will try with Android and my friend's phone.

Thank you for you help.

nobody7290 09-16-2011 06:46 AM

Re: All available cells
I am too interested in this topic. If anyone knows an application .. ?

Thanks very much in advance.

Btw: there is signalloc, but, it only displays information about the currently selected cell.
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nobody7290 09-17-2011 04:03 AM

Re: All available cells
after a little searching, it looks, that such application cannot exist, because the API does only support queries for the currently connected cell, it there is no undocumented function, that can be used, nobody will able to develop an application.
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sy32478 03-19-2012 10:07 AM

Re: All available cells
Google Signalloc

nobody7290 03-21-2012 11:55 AM

Re: All available cells
Signalloc will only show you the cell, the phone is currently connected to.
I search for something, that lists all availible cells.

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