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alonzop 03-01-2012 09:54 AM

GPSLogger II (How to import *.kml)
Running GPSLogger II on BB 9930.

I've been unable to see how to import *.kml or *.gpx files.

On the main GPSLogger II menu is an item `import', when I press that item I see a quick flash of activity and then `*empty*' appears on the screen. Seems like the App is searching somewhere for files but not finding any.

I tried to determine where the App might be looking but only find 1 folder created by GPSLogger II; `SDcard/blackberry/tracking', so I put a *.kml there but still get the same behavior.

I've also made two attempts using different uid - email - password to register at the emacberry forums where GPSLogger is discussed, the dialog claims to have sent a verification email... but I never get one. I've tried 2 active email accounts but no mail ever comes from the forum.

The GPSlogger II manual does not explain how `import' is supposed to work, but the write up on GPSLogger II does say it can export/import *.gpx and *.kml files.

Can any one tell me how to import a *.kml into GPSLogger II?

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