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InsaneNetworksInc 09-08-2007 01:53 PM

Developing a web based GPS tracking app (hosted or HOST YOUR OWN) - need feedback
xoclipse (info about his app at the very bottom) has inspired my group to develop a web based GPS tracking app similar to his. I LOVE his app but some of my clients and I needed a few more features.

The most important feature we need is the ability to host the web app ourselves either on a random web hosting account or internally/BES. Reasons for this could be security concerns, ability to build web apps, or integrate to internal systems, etc. This on top of creating a very simple API to access the GPS data empowers the end user to use the captured data in any number of ways that may meet their needs.

Also, we don't want to rely on connecting/logging into the server to track the GPS data. You'll understand the need for this once you see the features below.

Planned features for Blackberry client app (development and testing in progress):
  • Option to enter address of collection server
  • Setting to add server assigned code which is linked to PIN vs. needing to login to the collection server. If legit server assigned code isn't entered it will not push data to server. This feature is still in the planning phase.
  • Option to access GPS data every x seconds
  • Option to push GPS data to server every x seconds - this can only be greater than the GPS data. The reason for this is to collect GPS data as often as possible and push the data back to the server less frequently if required. We may add the ability to select manual push as well disabling auto push (only if the popularity of this feature existed).
  • Log non-server pushed GPS data - If the server or data services is down, temporarily log GPS data until the next successful server connect. When the server/data connection is restored the logged GPS data is pushed to the server and the temporary log is cleared. This will prevent "gaps" in your tracking due to server connectivity problems, data connection issues, being on a phone call, etc. Of course, you'll still have gaps when your GPS can't lock on to a sat.

Planned features for web app collection server (less refined, development in progress):
  • Misc mapping options using Google Maps API
  • Simple API to access client pushed GPS data for "host your own" users for web development/integration/etc.

Possible features not currently in the plan or up in the air:
  • Encrypt data sent to server or encrypt PIN
  • Ability to lock down options, mainly for BES admins to prevent users from changing (Enterprise).
  • Different versions - Hosted, Personal, Enterprise.
  • Other ideas you may have...

I'm looking for whatever feedback you can give me. The more feedback, the better the app. Also, we haven't given it a name. We'll name the app based on suggestions and feedback directly from forum posts. If you have a cool name that fits, post it here, we may use it!

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Lance Hart
Insane Networks, Inc.

Additional Info:
xoclipse's app can be found @ BBTracker and the thread @

powercx 09-08-2007 10:38 PM

You should take a look at this, maybe it'll be a good start for you.

Google Maps Real-Time GPS Tracker

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