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dejola 06-20-2005 02:53 PM

Blackberry HandsfreeOptions?
I am getting a new Blackberry/Phone and a new company car(GMC Denali). I'm not sure what model phone Blackberry I'm getting. It's being handled by my employer. What I need to know is if there is available a handsfree accessory such that my phone calls can go out over an external speaker in the car. Right now I have a Samsung A310 that sits on a pedestal. There is a speaker mounted under the dashboard and when a call comes in everyone in the car can hear the conversation. That's what I need for he Blackberry.

Anyone know if such a thing is available?



rcg 06-20-2005 05:11 PM

John you may have several choices....

Take a look at our BlackBerry Vehicle Solutions section:

dejola 06-20-2005 06:52 PM

Thanks for the heads up. I'll take a look.


headtailgrep 06-21-2005 08:59 AM

Why buy one of those fancy 'schmancy' solutions, when you can get yourself handsfree for next to nothing?

First, you will use your earbud for speaker.

Second, get some velcro tape. Stick the female side on your dashboard, or anywhere where the phone is vertical, so you can easily see the screen. Attach the 'male' side of velcro tape to your Blackberry device.

Slap the blackberry on the velcro.. remove it, make sure it's not too strong and allowing the tape to be removed from the car itself.

After a few applications of blackberry on velcro, you'll find it removes easily but stays on regardless of the driving conditions (bumpy, etc).

I leave my Blackberry on my dash at all times, when expecting calls, the earbud is also in the Blackberry. I can easily glance over when a phone call comes in, identify the user, answer the call, all without taking both hands off the wheel, and focusing on driving.

The blackberry's microphone is more than adequate for talking while driving...

Similarly, if you want to spend a little more money, you can buy a headset if you want.. buy why go crazy when you can do it on the cheap and without rediculous protruding plastic crap on your dash?

rcg 06-23-2005 03:01 PM

That's a good solution and many people use your technique. Some vehicles have a difficult time with the Velcro tape adhering to the surfaces. The ear bud is quite decent but doe not provide a truly convenient method because of the cord - a Bluetooth headset could bridge that gap.

I personally have a Bluetooth kit in my car that has a phone hidden in the center console that remains in the car 24x7. When I get in with my Treo 650 or BB7290 I can have the kit connect to that device and I use a universal holder from Motorola that works with both the Treo and the BB. For me I really don't want to have Velcro stuck to the dash of my $50,000 car. The Pro.Fit bracket that comes out of the dash it not obtrusive in the least.

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