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miakica 01-09-2010 05:25 PM

Seidio Innocase II
Well, I had this case for about two and a half months. Until today, I have only seen good sides of it...fits good on the phone, it is snug, provides good protection...Scratch on the display is another story...

I had it on for two and a half months, and today i took it off for the first time. Was I in for a surprise....Part above the display is scratched ti s**t. Seidio offers good protection with felt on the back of the phone, but it's only hard plastic in the front...

Looks good with the case, right

But, when you take it off...

You are in for a surprise...

Last picture is actually taken first, when i took the case off...I put a case back on so you can see where it actually sits on the phone.


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