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Jdjeff 09-14-2010 09:46 AM

Otterbox for 9800
So the Otterbox site in describing the Commuter case for the 9800 mentions that the case comes with a screen protector. Twice. It also show the screen protector during its little installation video. At the head of the page, it says that the case is available from ATT stores. Of course, at the ATT stores (and online), the case has been repackaged by ATT and does NOT include the screen protector (but still sells at a whopping 39.99). So ATT is taking these things from Otterbox, putting them into their own packages and stripping out the protector and sells them for full price? Who should I be mad at? :?

penguin3107 09-14-2010 09:53 AM

I ordered mine from Crackberry, and it did NOT come with a screen protector.

Jdjeff 09-15-2010 11:04 AM

Right, but the Otterbox site says that it should (they don't sell direct for the 9800...only through third parties).

penguin3107 09-15-2010 11:16 AM

I doubt AT&T and Crackberry are going around removing the screen protector from the packages. My guess is is that Otterbox has incorrect information on their website... or some production problems when they packaged them.

Jdjeff 09-16-2010 11:37 AM

Seems unlikely for several reasons. 1. They mention it twice when describing the set. 2. It appears in the installation video on the otterbox site for the 9800. 3. You will see in the ATT stores that the packaging for every manufacturer's cases/skins appears in the same ATT branded packaging. So somewhere between Otterbox and ATT the screen protector is disappearing.

buggle_96 09-17-2010 11:47 PM

I bet it is wrong information, Twice. From what I have seen with Otter's stuff is the Defenders come with screen protectors and Communicator's dont. Maybe early on it was initially suppose to come with it but got dropped when the final product was made?

No one is stealing the screen protectors to make safety glasses or anything in my opinion :)

zwick 09-18-2010 06:20 AM

There are few choices provided for 9800 in Otterbox's webiste. I could not find one i want. Finally, I decided to buy a leather case from Pdair's online store. It's hand made of genuine leather, looks fantastic.

Jdjeff 09-20-2010 09:50 AM

So they mistakenly mention it twice as a feature, then mistakenly unbox the case on camera during their installation video and actually show you how to install the screen that (doesn't) comes with it? Seems unlikely. In any case, all I can say is that Otterbox cases are worth it and their customer service is awesome.

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