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Ghillie 09-21-2010 05:33 AM

Full Size Keyboard with RIM Programming
Is there a keyboard that has BlackBerry programming and short cuts that will work with both/either a BlackBerry or PC? The BB system is so functional that I can't beieve someone hasn't thought of it, but I can't find anything through searches. thanks/

melder215 10-16-2010 07:12 PM

yah. i got a coolmir external keyboard. look up man and machine keyboards. mine plugs into the bb, got its own batt, and gotta charge. i got it on the cheap from ebay, but it goes for alot normally. i saw a bluetooth keyboard, and i say an external lcd screen, mouse thing. not for the 8320. but the keyboard said it wasnt either and it works. rolls up
now someone come up with a cable and software to connect two bb via cable, so i can transfer whole folders. or a way to flash one phone with another. yah, you can reflash in windows desktop manager, but i dont use no expensive operating system like that

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