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gabsou 11-01-2010 08:43 AM

Lookign for 9000's mother board
Hello everyone !

I've 3 9000 Bold (cf. my posts on the topic). Everyone of them have a diffrérent problem, each problem seems to come from the mother board :
- 1st is ok, but touches don't works : enter, validate by trackball, green touch ect.. all touches on both side (the bold have make a long, long, long fall), i replace LCD and cover, and now is working but without this touches, i can't do anything (i can't get out of wizard because i can't validate "close" !!!)
- 2nd is ko : can't boot
- 3th is ko : no mobile network connection

So, for the 3 ones, i've all pieces and accessories in good condition (boxes, LCD, covers, baterry, cables ect...) but no one work correctly because of mother board.

Do you have any ideas for buy motherboards ?

Thanks a lot !

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