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cyclingg 04-05-2011 07:08 PM

Pro Clip device holder and Pro-Fit car mount
I found some closed threads pertaining to the Pro Clip car mount and device holders and was wondering if they are worth the money. Someone in one of the threads also mentioned Pro-Fit's car mount paired with Pro Clip's device holder. I checked out Pro-Fit's car mounts and I really like the dash mounts because they are car/year specific. I don't like the idea of the mounts that fit over the heating/cooling vents as Pro Clip has; the phone may get too hot/cold. The one for my 1997 VW Golf fits at the side of the heating knobs (not over the vents). It looks easy to attach; even I should be able to do it. But I like the Pro Clip's device holder with the Tilt/Swivel.

My question is, how do you attach the Pro Clip's Tilt/Swivel device holder to the Pro-Fit's car mount base?


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