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sawyer99 04-23-2011 01:46 AM

Good durable belt pouch suggestions
Years ago I used the belt pouches, then with the smaller phones I went to just keeping it in my pocket. Now with this new torch I picked up I'm finding issues with it in my pocket with my job outdoors, dust, dirt, climbing on stuff etc. My fear is loosing this thing so I want something to keep it safe. Not really concern as much for easy of access. I'd sooner spend a few seconds longer and possibly miss a call unstraping it then have it fall out of a basic plactic holster that clip on your belt. They would be fine for indoors in an office but not for me.

I got an otter protective case for it and invisible shield also when I bought it. I didn't really care for the leather pouch they showed me at the store. I was hoping to find a more durable one with a more secure leather strap if possible. The one I saw at Best Buy had the magnetic strap only.

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