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ekummel 02-08-2006 06:54 PM

Turn off GPS
I was playing around, the other day, with HelloWorld (GPS) application on my BlackBerry 7520...marveling at how it identified my location quite accuratly.
While playing with this app, I needed to turn *ON* the GPS on my BlackBerry from within the application.

After I played with the app for a while, I closed out of the app and promptly forgot I ever did anything with the GPS.
The next morning, after spending all night charging, I noticed that I had half the battery life while driving into work...only 2 hours off of the charger!

After poking around, I figured that this was because the GPS was probably still on. I tried, but I cannot find any setting built into the BlackBerry to turn off the GPS! The only way I could do this was to go back intothe HelloWorld(GPS) application and turn off the GPS from there...

Am I missing something? Does this setting exist somewhere else?

web/gadget guru

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