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T.W.G 04-21-2005 12:59 PM

Speechquality 7290: Improved over 7230?
Hello people,

I'm the new guy here in this forum. My name is Thomas.
This seems to be a big forum with many users so this must be a helpful source.

Oh yes, and because of my english: I'm german :-)

Here's my first question:

I had a Blackberry 7230 that died hitting the street :(
The speechquality during a call was realy bad (low volume and hard to understand).

Does the new 7290 have improved quality or is it the same?



ldblf2 04-21-2005 04:28 PM

I moved from a 7230 to a 7290 a few months ago and didn't really notice any significant difference in voice quality.

Maybe there was a hardware defect with your 7230 - how many times did it hit the street? ;-)

Mark Rejhon 04-21-2005 04:41 PM

There may be somebody who wants to buy your broken 7230:

T.W.G 04-22-2005 05:17 AM


thanks for your answer.
I'm sorry but the 7230 was already sold on ebay as defective (phone works but no USB-Connection)

Oh yes, it hits the street to much only 5 days after I bought it. Very bad.

With the 7230 I was not able to place a call near a high traffic street (I hope you know what I want to say) :)
I can't understand the other person very well - which was NOT caused by language differences ;-)

Some people here in Germany said the quality was much improved on the 7290.

Thanks for any comments etc.

Have a nice weekend


stonent 04-22-2005 02:43 PM

Are you using T-Mobile?

T.W.G 04-23-2005 03:14 AM


yes I'm using T-Mobile but several magazines have tested the BB 7230 here in Germany and they all say, that audio-quality is very low compared to other phones, smartphones etc. on our market.

We only use modern GSM/GPRS/UMTS-Networks here in Germany and the only company that got equal audioquality is vodafone.

So I got hope after reading that the 7290 has much improved quality :)

stonent 04-25-2005 09:36 AM

Everyone here hates the T-Mobile phones but I think that's because T-Mobile has such poor coverage in the US. I've not seen any Cingular Blackberries here so I can't compare the audio quality (whether it is a coverage issue or a 7230 issue)

(Cingular and T-Mobile are the only GSM services in the US) Cingular serves about 50 million customers, T-Mobile probably has about 10 million.

T.W.G 04-25-2005 09:43 AM

"Hate" sounds hard but poor Coverage is an argument.

Personaly it's a good option that T-Mobile got modern GSM/GPRS-Networks in the USA, too.
Hopefully the coverage got better.

Here in Germany we never could understand why you used pagers etc. so long in american cellular-networks as SMS- and Paging-Functionality works on our networks for at least 10years. So you got Messages direct to the phone and not to any crappy pager ;-)

Actually I got a blackberry and it's a simple but lovely device (6230) perhaps I'm gonna buy the 7290, too because of blueooth functionality.
My communicator 9500 from Nokia got everything I want and need but it has a camera... :-(

stonent 04-25-2005 10:15 AM

Well by "here" I mean everyone here in our company, not everyone here in the US.

T-Mobile is popular because it is cheap.

Right now there are 4 digital standards in the US. One commonly called TDMA which was replaced by GSM. It was used by AT&T and Cingular (which have since become a single company under the name of Cingular) The other standard is CDMA used by Verizon (partly owned by Vodafone) and Sprint.

I think most GSM towers also support "TDMA" since my Motorola TDMA phone always has a good signal.

CDMA is even newer than GSM but doesn't have SIM cards, so it is annoying to change phones.

The last is iDen used by Nextel and Southern Linc in the US. It uses SIMs and is pretty decent. It also features native walkie-talkie.

T.W.G 04-25-2005 11:39 AM


Well by "here" I mean everyone here in our company, not everyone here in the US.

Ok, good that we talked about this ;-) Thanks.

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