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sjogran 02-15-2008 09:32 AM

Push Email Options using Active Sync
So, I don't know ANYTHING about this but a friend told me about it. He went to - Pick Up Your Email and created a free Microsoft Exchange Account that uses Sync technologies on an exchange server (this is free). You then have your G-Mail, for instance, fwd to this email address you make, and it in turns pushes to any Windows Mobile device (my friend has the AT&T Tilt Smartphone).

I want to know any experience anyone has with this and what limitations, if any, it has with Blackberry. He says it works the same as far as like, syncing calendar, contacts?, deletion syncing from device to ORIGINAL mailbox? I wonder about these things when you talk about having to force a fwd from original mailbox.

I'm really not convinced to go this route due to the fact that data packages per month cost just as much as blackberry service. Just wondering what advantages there are to using this method versus blackberry.


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