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raven71 08-06-2010 09:42 PM

Made the move
I did it I got a Samsung Captivate and this phone is great. Though At&t will be getting the Torch and I saw a demo phone. I don't trust RIM to have a phone that will last.
I compared the screen and it is still the same old phone with a pull out keyboard. Still having a touch screen with 3 different boards to choose from this phone rocks.
I am using a swype board and it is so fast to type on. No matter how sloppy you are it picks up what you type. Even if your wong it gives you words to pick and tap.
The speech recognition is really good. I could talk and it types picking up 98% of what I say. Regular web sites work fast. Pictures are unreal. Everything including e-mail in html is fast and clear.
My complaint is GPS doesn't work too good. Battery life is getting better but still heavy use lasts only about 6 hours. Still I am really using the phone way more then my Bold. If I use it normally I get a full day. Also it doesn't have a talk and dial your phone from your contacts. Still the BB didn't work right.
I can't believe what I was missing.
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gadgetfanatic 08-07-2010 01:55 PM

I kept the Captivate for 2 days. Took it back and ordered an iPhone 4. Got it 3 days ago. IPhone 4 blows the Captivate AWAY.

akosnitzky 08-07-2010 01:57 PM

Congrats on the new phone

raven71 08-07-2010 08:58 PM

Really I was just at a block party in Massapequa and we were comparing phones. Mine and a I phone 3 & 4. Both on at&t and the incredible on Verizon. We all went to the same web sites. Some wap some regular.
The first thing we realized I was jumping from 3 bars to 2 & sometimes 4. The I-phone 4 same but strayed at 2 bars more then me. The iphone 3 to our surprise strayed at 3, and jumped to 4. The incredible on verizon stayed at the full amount on his signal status.
Now browsing mine beat the I-phone, but the incredible beat me by a couple of seconds on non wap sites and I kept up with it on wap sites. I really think it was signal strength.
Then we sent messages to each other and pictures. When they came mine loaded way faster then all there. Plus they typed and I talked. Except for a couple of words they were impressed at how accurate it was. They beat me texting even me using swype. Still that's me cause I suck even on a regular board.
We also did U-tube and I kind of beat the incredible but the I-phone 4 had me and the 3 wasn't to far behind. Again I think it is due to signal strength.
Verizon has at&t beat in coverage and connectivity yet I am glad this phone works downtown NY. My bold was for crap in allot of areas in NY, PA and NC. We also opened files took pictures and mine beat all of them in quality. Even without a flash.
Now battery life the incredible went down just a little more then mine, but forget about the I-phones. They suck and the 4 still has the problem hold it a certain way and it dropped calls. We didn't compare it, she just got a call while there.
All I know is I have had this for 4 days and playing with it, I'm getting much better. I'm still having problems touching the screen in places and having things open or close. Also I'm having problems with the way I touch the back or search button. I have too touch it a certain way for it to work and it is frustrating.
The biggest problem was GPS it sucks in GPS mode and in wireless location it works but no where near the incredible and the both I-phones had me beat. I hope they fix it and amaze gets software set up for this phone.
I will stick with this or wait till my 30 days are almost up and decide if I should even try a torch. I don't think I would trade for a I-phone. Also I don't trust the quality of BB after going through 3 pearls and 3 Bold's in less then 2 years. I also don't think the screen on the torch is going to be has big and I realize I don't need a qwerty board at all.
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gadgetfanatic 08-08-2010 02:44 PM

This is what I did not like about the Captivate:

1. Battery life was horrible. Not even as good as my 1.5 year old iPhone 3G. (iPhone 4 is much better than both)

2. MS Exchange push email on Captivate was "iffy" at best. Sometimes it pushed, sometimes it didn't. (Both iPhones are rock solid in that area)

3. Charger wouldn't stay connected. (minor issue but very annoying)

4. Overall build quality. Nowhere close to any iPhone.

What I did like: the screen....that's all

raven71 08-08-2010 08:05 PM

I agree about battery life if I really use it allot, but when I use it for my email, sms, some browsing and the phone I am now getting a day and half. I had trouble the first day and they gave me a new battery. I did 2 full full discharges and now I try to only go to 45%. It doesn't get hot like it was and it seems to be getting better.
Now if I put the GPS on not the wireless on forget it the battery drains just try up trying to find my position, and it has not worked yet. Wireless location find me but I still think the battery drains too fast. Still I think it is better then I phones life, and that's what 3 purple told me 2 yesterday and my sons friend a couple hours ago. He has a I-phone 4 for 3 weeks and now thinking of getting one of these.
I don't listen to music or watch movies, maybe the occasional u-tube so maybe for me that's why my battery lasts. Maybe the more I use it I will, but coming from a bold I didn't use it for that either.
Charging cable I also had same problem till I opened the slide all the way, now it works fine but wish it had a longer cable. I'm sure I will find something soon.
I use Verizon for mail and have it check every couple of minutes, but my google mail seems slow. I also have an optimum mail just incoming and I get it just like on my BB. Plus I don't get those truncated or message to big like on the bold. sms and mms seem to work ok and the quality is very nice.
Not sure about quality yet, but all I know in 2 years I went through 2 pearls and 4 bold the track balls were all messed up. At least on the pearl you were able to replace them. The track pads are no better, my friend's stopped working when you press it down. I think he has had it for 4 months.
In reality all phones have their good and bad points. I just hope they get GPS to work and that the 2.0 system takes care of the problems. I do like the I-phone also and it was just a personal choice on my part.
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