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MERK350Z 05-04-2011 07:32 PM

Acer Iconia A500
hey guys just picked up the Acer iconia tablet A500 over the weekend and I have to say that it is really nice. I tested out the xoom for a few days and that was nice but the price was def not sitting to well with me. so returned it and got the Acer I was worried that being it was 150 less then the xoom, that the build would be a little cheap but all in all the build is def up there with the xoom.


1. the screen is great and the colors are good I would place it up with the xoom and the ipad
2. the front can and back can are great the front is a 2meg and clear and the back can is 5meg.
3. it has a micro SD slot and already dropped a 16 gig card in there. also it has a full size USB port I pluged in my dell desktop keyboard and I was aple to type using the keyboard.
4. the battery is good but I have to be honest it will not last as long as the Ipad .
5. video play back is good I am playing some 800 meg files and it was smooth.
6. the speakers are nice and loud.
7. the USB port will also read thumb drives so that was def a plus.


not sure if there are any yet I have only had it for a week so far it is doing everything that I wanted it to do. it is doing everything that I used to do on the I pad and then some.

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