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nedzalife 11-25-2007 02:48 AM

changing device ID needed?
Hey all,

I've had mostly good success transferring my blackberry data using a Windows XP VM from my old pearl 8100 to my new curve 8320. Even though it hasn't been without headaches, I'm finally at the home stretch and have run into a snag.

BBCharge seems to work great for for the pearl (lsusb sees it on device id 6). I was able to use the VM to create a backup.ipd file of the pearl's info. now however, the Windows VM will not load the driver for my new 8320 curve. I've reinstalled the desktop software, and the Windows VM still comes up saying it's an Unknown USB device. I'm guessing this is cause the curve is coming up on lsusb as device id 4 as apposed to device id 6.

does anyone know how to make the adjustments needed to get this to work together so I'm able to restore my ipd file into the curve?


Ubuntu 7.10
VMware Server 1.04

Hey all, dont worry about it, for some reason I started up the VM with the curve connected the next morning, it started working, and was able to load up all the data from the backup.ipd file... Ubuntu as well as the VM must have needed a reboot.

Ok so different problem now... Are you able to do an OS upgrade through a VM? I was lucky not to have bricked my phone just now... as soon as the device reset to access the device ROM, it unmounted from the VM and would not come back. Is upgrading OS's a true Windows install only thing?

rivviepop 11-25-2007 01:00 PM

I have not read - yet - a report of anyone being able to upgrade the firmware via VMware. If I'm not mistaken I've read a post or two that Parallels (OS X) people were able to do it but I can't confirm, only what I read around BBF.

I maintain a real dual-boot laptop for firmware upgrades, not just BlackBerry but all the random junk I own. I was however able to upgrade the firmware on my Dell workstation at work using the new linux tools they've got, so at least the world is making slow progress towards Windows freedom...

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