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mariner 08-01-2008 11:14 AM

Device passwords with barry???
I love the new release of barry. It all just works except that I'm not finding some info regarding device passwords. I'm running the command as follows:

pppd call barry-sprint

I'm getting the following output:

mcmackin@Mariner-T61:/etc/chatscripts$ pppd call barry-sprint
exception caught in main(): This device requested a password.
Connect script failed
Script /usr/sbin/pppob finished (pid 18715), status = 0x1

Anyone here know where I can put in a device password to get to the next step?

rivviepop 08-01-2008 08:56 PM

A quick google found this:


Yes, I am using Sprint. I used your original rogers script and just changed the connect and pty lines. connect "chat -v 'ABORT' 'ERROR' '' 'AT&F' 'OK' 'ATZ' 'OK' 'ATI' 'OK' 'ATDT#777' 'CONNECT'" pty "/usr/local/sbin/pppob -sP passwd"
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