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Ompul 09-18-2008 01:45 AM

GTD-Software (Getting things done) under Linux

I'm interested in using a task manager which uses the concept of GTD
Getting Things Done - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For Windows NextAction exists:
S4BB Limited NextAction!

Do you know a desktop software for Linux (Kubuntu 8.04) which could be synchronized with a blackberry?

My model: Blackberry 7730 (OS:4.0.2)

With Linux I'm quite unexperienced. In this section of the forum I found hints to the software Barry.

In the downloadsection on sourceforge I found several *.deb packages for 8.04

Do I need them all?

Is my understanding correct, that evolution is mandatory to use Barry?
Or could Barry synchronize also with other Linux applications which offer a task management or calender?


Technarch 10-13-2008 09:41 AM

The only one I know of that might help you is RememberTheMilk.. the MilkSync app will sync the BB wirelessly with your web based stuff.. downside is it's $25 a year to do that, every year and you have to keep your tasks on the web.

There's another rememberthemilk app that is free, but I have never tried it.

I can't post links, so do a google search for "bbrtm" and "milksync", the former is hosted on google's code site, and the latter is hosted on RTM's site.

(I wish Thinking Rock did this too, which is what I use.. it's already a Java app. Sigh!)

Ompul 10-13-2008 04:00 PM


Thanks for your answer.
But the original task manager of BB is not a GTD compatible task manager.
What happens with all the meta information (which, I assume are part of tasks in RTM) of a task like
in the BB.
Get parts of them lost?

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