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victorbrca 09-19-2008 10:46 AM

Barrry sync problem
Hi all,

Yesterday I got a bunch of error messages when syncing my BB with barry on Ubuntu that scared me a bit. I'm not sure of what goes in the background, but when I saw "deleting database" during a restore it only made it worse (I do know that the deleting message is normal).

This is what happened:

1- Created a backup
2- Synced the contacts without a problem
3- Created a calendar on Evolution and synced. This is when I got an error message
4- Tried syncing it again and it went into slow sync, got even more error msgs and my contacts were duplicated
5- Did a restore. Got error message related to time zone (which I have now disabled, it's a known issue). Restore also got stuck when restoring emails (I only have 4 very small emails). I waited for a good 30 mins and then I manually canceled it.
6- Tried restore again and got more error messages related to email, however restore went trough.

I haven't seen any major problems, but I've noticed small changes; like my "lock when on pouch" was disabled and some of the icons I had hidden were now being shown.

Anyone having similar problems?



victorbrca 09-19-2008 06:02 PM

Found another problem where I could not delete a repeating calendar entry. Fixed it with a battery remove.

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