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PocketMac_Anne 10-08-2008 05:16 AM

PocketMac for BlackBerry, Linux Edition - request for testers
Hi all,

As you may have seen (link: Blackberry-Linux sync software), we are currently beta testing a release of PocketMac for BlackBerry for the Xandros distribution and KDE PIM.

We're very interested in finding as many beta testers as possible, as this is a new market for us and we'd welcome all the feedback we can get.

If you are interested, may I please invite you to sign up

Many thanks,


rivviepop 10-08-2008 03:39 PM

Great news! Thanks to your team for working on this.

As far as beta help, I would hazard a guess that the pool of Xandros users is really small compared to Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL and Fedora - the dominant players in the field whether it be home users or enterprise desktops. Do you have an expected timeframe when deb/rpm files will be available for these distros?

Then there's KDE vs. GNOME -- will the tool run with QT libraries alone, or does it actually require the entire KDE library set to operate? A QT version would at least run under GNOME without too much hassle, but a KDE only build is a real kicker - many don't have any KDE installed. (of course the reverse argument holds true for GTK+ & GNOME, going the other way)

PocketMac_Anne 10-09-2008 08:50 AM


These are great questions, and exactly the sort of feedback we need. (Again, this is our first foray into the Linux world.)

I have to admit that the Xandros distribution was chosen at least in part because of the Eee PC. As you may know, that device has become very popular, and this definitely influenced us.

I suspect that once we work through most of the issues on this beta, we'll begin working on other Linux platforms as well.

Hope that helps,


rivviepop 10-09-2008 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by PocketMac_Anne (Post 1130461)
I have to admit that the Xandros distribution was chosen at least in part because of the Eee PC. As you may know, that device has become very popular, and this definitely influenced us.

Understood -- you have to tailor for your market focus. The question I might ask is if the same people buying a cheap Eee PC with Xandros, are they the same people using a $300 BlackBerry smartphone? I of course haven't done the market research but ad hoc experience tells me that a linux user using a BlackBerry tends to be a bit more technical and uses one of the more popular aforementioned distros they install themselves.

My $0.02 of course. :) I've been doing this for way too long and am jaded in my views...

Technarch 10-13-2008 09:27 AM

I will be paying attention to threads like this.

My gf has an EEE 701 which has Xandros installed. She also has an 8120.

I had intended to wipe it and install Ubuntu or Debian, but she really needed to have it on her and it was working fine most of the time so I left well enough alone, and I was waiting for the end of October release of the next Ubuntu version (I didn't like the current HH one).

Last night we ordered a new computer for her, the Dell Inspiron Mini 9. It will ship with Windows. I am going to wipe it, and install Linux and put Windows in a VM most likely. It will very likely be Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex that gets installed.

Currently she does not sync at all with anything.

So my 2 cents on this is, is be platform agnostic. I think it is AWESOME that PocketMac is doing this. I also recommend to PocketMac not to create something that is 'locked into' a specific distro. A distro is just a collection of software packages and a kernel. Therefore, all of them are the same. The only thing PocketMac needs to worry about is what packaging system they wish to be compatible with and which libraries.

Xandros usually uses the deb packaging format same as Debian/Ubuntu. So right there all they have to do is make sure their deb will also be compatible with other deb-type distros besides Xandros.

So really, the last question becomes is what software libraries to support. It doesn't really matter IMHO whether or not it's a KDE or Gnome library as anyone can install library support files, but what does matter is program lock-in. Not everyone might want to run a KDE-specific PIM.. have a bit more flexibility in that regards..

Otherwise great job PocketMac!

Twitchp7 10-15-2008 07:38 AM

Sounds great!
Beside that it is by now only available for Xandros by now!
It would be great to have this available for one of the Major distros

You definitely forget Suse (Enterprise or Open) in your major Linux distributions listing.
For Ubuntu there is a big Hype sure.
But the two major players in the field are RedHat and Suse/Novell (especially in Enterprises)

harryzuluberries 10-20-2008 08:47 PM, with me being a Linux neophyte would this solution work for me? I run Ubuntu 8.4 and the KDE PIM (if necessary...I prefer Evolution Mail). I know that Gnome libraries and some of the other distros are compatible (eg, Gnome-KDE/Kubuntu) are Xandros and Gnome's libraries compatible as well?

Ashex 10-23-2008 12:23 AM

Blast, I really wish I hadn't missed the Beta invite window. I'll look forward to the future release of this! Keep us all posted!

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