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berry_blue 01-01-2009 06:15 AM

Tethering Blackberry Storm + Debian

OK. This is my first post, so I'm sure there are going to be lots and lots of mistakes. So please be gentle :oops: .

Since this IS my first post I just realized I cant post urls. So I've placed spaces between http & html & com. sorry.

I used four different "HOW-TO" articles to piece together what I needed. The urls of the articles are at the end of this post.

If I've left anything out, or perhaps placed some steps in reverse order, I apologize. ;-)

Presario V2000
Built in bluetooth
Elive 2.0 Gem
Bluez-Utils 3.7-1
PPP 2.4.4rel-8
Blackberry Storm (9530)
Blackberry OS v4.7.0.75


Here it is.

1. Verify packages ppp & bluez-utilz

a. "sudo dpkg -l ppp bluez-utilz"
b. if these are not installed proceed to use apt or synaptic to install them

2. Grab Necessary config files: (gprs, gprs-connect-chat, gprs-disconnect-chat)

a. h t t p :// h t m l#AEN160
i. small kine editing of these two scripts required;

***gprs script

- Edit Connect script section

# Connect script:
connect /etc/ppp/peers/gprs-connect-chat

- Edit Serial Device sec tion

# Serial device to which the GPRS phone is connected:

- Edit Username and password section

# Username and password:
user xxx8220;8085551234@vzw3g.comxxx8221; <--- use YOUR moblie number

Look for this line and replace the number with your mobile number

- OK xxx8216;AT+CGDCONT=1,xxx8221;IPxxx8221;,xxx8221;vzw3g.comxxx8221;,xxx8221;",0,0xxx8242; \

ii. Move the three scripts that you downloaded earlier into

iii. Change the permissions of all three files

$ sudo chown root:root /etc/ppp/peers/gprs*
$ sudo chmod 755 /etc/ppp/peers/gprs-connect-chat
$ sudo chmod 755 /etc/ppp/peers/gprs-disconnect-chat

3. Verify local config files;

a. /etc/bluetooth/hcid.config

options {
autoinit yes;
security auto;
pairing multi;
passkey "420";
device {
name "%h-%d";
class 0x3e0100;
iscan enable; pscan enable;
lm accept;
lp rswitch,hold,sniff,park;
b. /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.config

rfcomm0 {
# Automatically bind the device at startup
bind yes;

# # Bluetooth address of the device
device yo:ur:ad:dr:es:ss;
# # RFCOMM channel for the connection
channel 3;
# # Description of the connection
# comment "Example Bluetooth device";

4. Activate bluetooth interface

a. "sudo hcitool dev" #note the address of the bt interface you're going to use. I used onboard.
#if you only have one, the choice is simple
b. "sudo hciconfig hci0 up" #where hci0 is your chosen bt interface
c. "sudo hcitool hci0 piscan" # this will only last for a minute so the next
# step must be initiated within 60 secs

5. Add Elive laptop as BT Device.

a. On your Blackberry Storm follow this progression to add laptop as a device
i. Menu --> Manage Conections --> Setup device
ii. Menu --> Add device --> Search
iii. Select Laptop and enter pin

6. Check phone for DUN sercvice and channel for rfcomm

a. "sudo sdptool search DUN"
b. should read like this;
blah blah
blah blah
blah blah
Protocol descriptor list
blah blah
"RFCOMM" (0X0003)
c. be sure that the rfcomm.config file matches the channel above

7. Make an rfcomm conection

a. "sudo rfcomm connect 0 yo:ur:ad:dr:es:ss 3"

8. Restart services to be sure changes to the config files

a. "sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart"
b. "sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart"

9. Call gprs scripts

a. "sudo pppd call gprs"
b. should read like this;
blah blah blah
blah blah blah

To disconnect DUN press CTRL-C

10. At this point you can open Iceweasel and you will be brought to a page that
explains the terms and cost of tethering. It says $30 but my sales rep said it
only costs $15. I think its because of the package I have.

1. h t t p ://w w w .blackberryforums.c o m /linux-users-corner/92085-how-tether-use-modem-your-bb-linux-2.h t m l

2. h t t p ://lazyfai.blogspot.c o m /2007/10/use-bluetooth-phone-to-connect-to.h t m l /Utopia de Fai: Use a bluetooth phone to connect to internet in Linux

3. h t t p ://]make bluetooth discoverable - Ubuntu Forums

4. h t t p ://pegelinux.wordpress.c o m /2008/06/11/blackberry-curve-8310-as-bluetooth-modem-on-ubuntu-hardy/Blackberry Curve 8310 as Bluetooth Modem on Ubuntu Hardy pegelinux

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