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rivviepop 10-12-2007 01:16 PM

Barry 0.9 released (USB_SUSPEND fixes)
From the mailing list:

Hi folks!

Version 0.9 is finally here. Just in time to sync all those contacts you've been saving on your Blackberry, so you can start your Christmas card lists.......

This version includes fixes to the protocol library, fixes to the opensync plugin, improved documentation in html format, a change to the build system to make it easier to compile all 3 main components at once, and fixes to for systems with USB Suspend enabled.

Binary packages for the following distros are available:
Fedora 6 and 7
OpenSuSE 10.2
Debian stable
Ubuntu 7.04
This includes binary packages for the opensync plugin as well.

You can also read the updated documentation online at

Contributors in this release: (in alphabetical order)
Simon Ruggier - patch for new autoconf recursive build options
Rick Scott - how to fetch the device description
Thanks everyone for downloading, using, and providing feedback for Barry!

- Chris


Release: version 0.9 - 2007/10/12
      - adjusted autosuspend disabling code in bcharge, based on new
              information on how kernels 2.6.21 / 2.6.22 work.
              See for comments.  If device/power/level or
              device/power/autosuspend exist, charging should now work
              without recompiling the kernel.
      - updated website docs with autosuspend info
      - large update to the doc/www web pages, moving some of the
              information in README files to html format, so that it
              is commonly available on the web
      - added step in maintenance scripts to automatically build the
              .html files in doc/www when making a tarball release
      - added libopensync 0.22 version requirement to barry.spec file,
              but it doesn't seem to work on OpenSuSE 10.2, where it's
              needed.... hmmmm
      - updated README to mention new tree build configure options
      - fixed the configure scripts and makefiles so that when building
              with custom CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS environment variables,
              it doesn't break the full-tree build mode, when
              using --enable-gui and/or --enable-opensync-plugin
      - added to clean target
      - converted Debian build scripts to use cdbs
      - added opensync plugin binary package for Debian
      - added "Getting Started" section to web pages, as well as an
              explanatory document for various system requirements
      - turned on opensync build in RPM maintainer scripts
      - added filename to power/state error message in
      - adjusted maintainer scripts to automatically adjust barry.spec
              for opensuse rpm builds
      - fixed some of the release build scripts and added support for
              automated opensuse 10.2 builds
              - fixed build target to i386
              - changed scripts to add to PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable instead
                      of overwriting it
      - added website docs to doc/www... these are out of date at the
              moment, and hopefully by including them here, they
              will be updated more frequently
      - applied Simon Ruggier's build system patch that allowed a build
              of all 3 components from the root directory and fixed the
              configure scripts to support external build directories
      - reordered clean commands in the scripts, and removed
              the INSTALL files, since they are auto-generated by autoconf
      - removed extraneous calls in maintainer scripts
      - added Simon Ruggier to AUTHORS
      - added explanatory note to 3 stage test build process in
              maintainer script
      - fixed Category handling in the Contact record class, to
              parse the comma separated string into an array,
              and back
              Note: this involves a change to the boost serialization
                      and will affect backward compatibility with
                      old serialization datafiles
      - added Category to examples/
      - added Category support to the opensync plugin
      - fixed wrong read/write in btool output (oops)
      - added BadSize exception, and changed CheckSize() function
              to throw it on error
      - changed backup GUI to catch BadSize exceptions on initial
              connect, and try a reset if that error occurs, since
              that likely means the device didn't shutdown properly
      - fixed in opensync plugin:
              - some vcard data contains types codes in capital letters,
                      so added lower case conversion routine
              - changed the order of address lines, so that address1
                      is the street, address2 is the extended address,
                      and address3 is the PO Box.  The Blackberry
                      doesn't seem to have any PO Box field.
      - added -e endpoint override option to btool
      - added status message to endpoint override
      - added configure check for strnlen, and implementation for
              systems that don't have it, or that have it implemented
              incorrectly.  Went a little paranoid here, since
              AC_FUNC_STRNLEN doesn't set a define in config.h,
              so I had to do it manually, and check in case autoconf
              changes in the future... ugh.  See src/strnlen.h for
              the gory details.
      - added code in to fetch the device's description.
              The description is now part of the probe results
              along with the PIN.  Updates to protocol.h, adding
              a new attribute definition.
              Thanks to Rick Scott for pointing out the code in
              XmBlackberry where he implemented this first.
      - fixed header dependency in record-internal.h
      - updated the "required autoconf" version to 2.61 for root build
      - moved nested structs out of the record classes that contain them,
              in order to better support SWIG and Python
      - changed bcharge to use getopt() for its argument processing
      - added options -p and -s to bcharge, to adjust usb suspend
              settings automatically where possible
      - updated the udev rules to use the new bcharge settings
      - updated the bcharge man page with the new arguments
      - cleaned up Usb exception handling, moving libusb error code
              processing into the Usb::Error exception class.
     is now an empty shell
      - added return codes to the Usb::Error exceptions
      - removed aboutdialog.{h,cc} from the backup GUI since even
              Debian stable now has up-to-date gtkmm libraries
      - added more user friendly error message for the "device busy"
              case, recommending 'rmmod usb_storage'.
      - added better error checking to
      - version bump:
              - src/
              - src/
              - gui/src/
              - src/Doxygen
              - rpm/barry.spec
              - debian/changelog
              - opensync-plugin/src/
      - removed usb_set_configuration() check from, since
              that may fail under normal operation, in this case


LunkHead 10-12-2007 09:36 PM

Awesome! I just downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 RC but have no disk to burn it to... Will have to pick up some blanks, install and give er a whirl! Thanks rivvie!!!


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