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caspersgrin 01-10-2009 11:21 PM

Images downloaded via PocketMac going into main memory

Images downloaded from iPhoto to my 8830 using PocketMac are not being saved to the media card. In options under Media Card, support is on, encryption off, mass storage mode is on and auto enable is set to yes. Total space and free space both say 1.8GB, so nothing was written to the media card. Also, when I'm plugged into the Mac, I can open up and view the 8830, and the folder called "stuff" (from an iPhoto album of the same name) is underneath and not inside the Blackberry folder.

I am fairly certain that I was able to successfully download to the media card before, so I presume that this problem is caused by something I did, inadvertently set some switch other than the options switch specified above, etc, but I have no idea what.

Anyone have any ideas?


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