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sesme 06-06-2009 06:36 PM

Pocketmac and contacts not proper sync. Argh
I'm using Pocketmac 4.1.25 with driver update.
MS entourage latest built um 12.1.7?
macbook black 13"

As usual with POS pocketmac strange things started happening. so i did a COMPLETE uninstall and reinstall.

This has been going on for sometime and I need to address it now. RIM is clueless when it comes to macs.

SOME contacts just will not sync. right now I have 7 contacts on blackberry bold that will not move to entourage. I cannot figure out why. I've pored over the boards and cannot fina a thing. Isssue for me is a lose importane (arent they all) personal and business information. (PM seems to like to randomly overwrite one contact with info from another)

I get no messages asking me to sync these contacts. They just sit there.

Any advice or input would be very appreciated.


JiveTurkey 06-06-2009 07:53 PM

Well, you aren't going to like this...

Sadly, I have not found any solution that syncs contacts reliable. Missing Sync has many of the same issues as Pocket Mac, randomly deleting/merging contacts. I had to stop adding contacts on my Blackberry because it always screws something up. Now I just add them into the Address Book app and set MS to "always overwrite the device with desktop data."

sesme 06-06-2009 08:00 PM

Pocketmac and missing synch both suck but PM is free and BB "supports" it although they are freaking clueless when it comes to mac. As of last week I almost got a senior VP to admit the mac DM was close to being out in beta. He wouldnt do it.
Thanks for responding

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