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NYFinn 10-14-2009 10:14 AM

Tasks and Categories
Hello out there!

New DM for Mac and BBerry Curve 8900 working fantastic (Barring a little minor cleanup on the first sync after MANY bad Pocketmac syncs)

One question, I use my tasks and calendars (categories) to sub-sort within tasks quite frequently. Ironically, this used to actually work well on the pocketmac syncs, but now all of the tasks will only sync into iCal under one category. -It still sorts fine on my phone and lists all tasks under each appropriate category, but is all cluttered under one calendar on my iCal desktop- I can't sort them any more.

Does anyone know about this? I only see the option to sort all tasks into one calendar on the sync to Mac. If this feature is not available (developers), it's definitely one that should be considered to be included in future updates!

I'm almost back to fully functional here; Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :idea:


rambo47 10-14-2009 12:19 PM

For now the new Mac Desktop Manager does not recognize categories in iCal, merging them into one calendar. Same for groups in AddressBook. :-( Maybe in a future version.

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