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adityanag 02-18-2010 06:31 AM

Tether BlackBerry (Bluetooth and USB) with OS X 10.6 on Airtel India

I've been trying to figure this out for weeks, and finally managed to, so I' thought I'd put it up for others like me. It's country (India) and ISP (Airtel) specific, so others may not find this so useful.

This is a guide on how to connect your Mac to the Internet through your Blackberry. Bluetooth and USB both work. This works on Airtel India.

I have Mobile Office enabled, but I'm not sure whether you need this or not. Perhaps someone can try it without MO and let us know.

1. Pair your BB with the Mac using the Bluetooth Assistant. Make sure it's set to allow without asking every time.

2. Go to System Preferences > Internet and Wireless > Network.

3. Choose the Bluetooth DUN

4. The Telephone number is *99#

5. The Username is your phone number, without any 0 or country code. Eg 9829012345 (That's a random number, please don't call that!)

6. The password is the same as the username

7. Click on Advanced

8. Under Modem choose the following:
Vendor = Research in Motion
Model = Blackberry IP Modem (GSM) ((I haven't tested CDMA))
CID = 1

That's it. Click connect and you should be connected.

To connect through USB, just ignore the first step, and in Step 3, instead of choosing Bluetooth DUN, choose RIM Composite Device. The rest of the steps are the same. You'll need to install BB Desktop Manager for the Mac to have the RIM composite device show up.

APN setting on the Blackberry. I don't have this enabled, it works fine.

Hope this helps someone out there :)

kaushalbs 07-18-2010 08:08 AM

not working for me..getting the error message "A connection could not be established to the PPP server.Try reconnecting.If the problem continues,verify your settings and contact your Administrator"

cpsatish 07-27-2010 08:33 AM

I have got it working with the same instructions because i forced the airtel customer care to activate gprs on the handset. They will initially resist,but if you manage to talk them into will suceed. The above method suggested will definite work only with gprs activated on your 899 plan.

yamahadrums 07-29-2010 07:12 AM

Does this setting use my BIS account?

harishsangwan 08-24-2010 08:30 AM

So this will provide unlimited internet access, on the laptop, on the 899 plan right?And what speed u getting from it?
I use Vodafone and have been looking for a similar solution for a long time...

aayushsaboo 10-11-2010 07:20 AM

Does this have other charges
I have a unlimited BIS plan on my Blackberry, so will i have to pay any extra amount once i activate the gprs service.

aayushsaboo 10-11-2010 07:21 AM

Also has anyone tried it successfully on Vodafone yet???

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