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jeffcberry 04-23-2010 05:09 PM

8700 Export / Transfer Contacts to Curve or to Mac
My old phone is the Blackberry 8700. I got a new Curve (8320 i think is the number). I have Pocket Mac to sync with my MAC. The calendar sycs fine, but my Contacts in my 8700 do not all come over. i think the ones that don't come over are the ones that i input the contacts directly into the BB 8700. None of the contacts show up on the SIM. I've seen a Forum where it says you have to save each contact individually to the SIM--that's impractical.

The new BB Desktop Manager says it does not support the device connected (BB 8700) so i'm trying to transfer my BB 8700 contacts to my Mac Address Book and then sync my new Curve with my Mac Address Book.



jeffcberry 04-23-2010 05:22 PM

One more thing. My BB Curve under Address Book Options General Options, the "address book" says default and then for "Wireless Synchronization" has says "Not Available." I wonder if it was if there could be syncing between the Old BB 8700 with the New BB Curve.


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