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mariocarl 08-26-2010 10:33 AM

Mac Tether Issue
Ok, ok, ok. This is my problem and I'll start with a story with some facts to my problems.

Once upon a time...

K, I use to have boot camp with XP installed, tethering like a dream. After a while I thought to myself, it would be cool if I could live on just one OS system and that it would be Mac. Only problem (not the problem) is that Tiger was not supported in the newest Desktop Manager from RIM. So after some time I finally decided to get Snow Leopard, tossing out the XP partition and downloading the latest DM 6.0. my phone connected (usb) without a hand up, and it seemed to work fine, until... (my problem) until I went to one of my favorite sites (NPR) to listen to some music.

For some reason the steam, my connection, or some technical setting is causing it to download at a slower rate then previously tethering on my PC partition. It stutters, buffers, and just frustrates the hell out of me. Especially on NPR where you can't buffer to the end ( or at low-quality 224kbs), and on sites like youtube or other audio sites that you can buffer the whole thing, it is way to slower compared to the pc side in which I had none of these speed issues. What is going on?

I've read that flash is not mac friendly, I only have a 1XEV connection (which i think is only 115kbs) but i had no trouble before.

Is mac just handling the phone a different way that it can't be like its more popular friend pc can?

Is there some terminal or network settings I can try to optimize for the phone connection?

I've scoured the internets to find nothing like this issue.

Am I alone?!

DM is version 6.0
BB Pearl is 5.0 or so
SL is 10.6.4 all updated

oh and on a weird note when I use the Blue Tooth connection it does perform better but the BT connection is broken periodically and it takes about 5 mins for the computer to resolve the mishap and that is frustrating to much to want to continue its use.

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