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Archer-R 08-29-2010 04:36 PM

BB with Mac
New to all of this, so there's alot of questions coming.

I have the 9700, since 2 days back. And recently switched from PC to Mac.

So my question is, i have a hosted exchange for my mail, contacts and calendar.

For me, it doesnt matter if i use exchange, google, mobile me or whatever.

But i want to have a system where it works "over the air" preferrably.

I want to be able to make a note in my blackberry, and it updates automatically on the computer aswell.

The thing is also, i use a nokia phone sometimes also. Thats when certain problems accur, for instance mobile me, wont sync over the air with a nokia phone, correct ?

So what "system" should i use, i would prefer to be able to do it over the air as i said, but i can live with managing sync with contacts and notes by plugging in one phone to the computer, and then the other phone to the computer.
But i want my mails coming directly, i wont settle with anything less on that point.
But what program or "system" should i use for easy and problemless sync

ps. I wanna be able to use a mailadress from my own domain aswell as a "standardmail" ( / gmail or whatever)

BB 9700
Nokia phone


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