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deM_ 09-02-2010 07:07 PM

Restore BB on a Mac
Hello there,

well the story is quite simple so allow me to lay it on here...
My girlfriend bought a Bold 9700 very recently (no more than a month).
We installed it on my Mac (10.6 etc all fully up to date), with the Blackberry Desktop Manager, and to my recollection did the initial backup and the such...

She got a screen lock code, and by accident it must have been pressed wrong in her bag, but all we noticed was that it kept asking for her to input the word "blackberry" and then a secret code that she didn't know (and definitely wasn't the code she had to protect her keyboard)..
We took it to vodafone and the bozo there, not only handled the phone with greasy hands, but also had no idea what he was doing, and erased the contents (after the 3 false tries it did that) without giving us the option of doing something else or investigating... he just assumed we had a backup and let us on our way....
Now, I'm 99% sure I got a backup... but Firing up the BB with my SIM inside, on my mac, brings no Backup on when I go onto the restore tab of the BB.
Can you please tell me what the location for backups is on a mac, so I can find it and Select it myself?

I'm quite desperate so I would appreciate a hasty response,
Thanks a million...

Superh3ro 09-02-2010 07:42 PM

again its in the documents folder

double post!

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