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jdoom 01-19-2011 04:25 PM

ical sync
I have a 9700 running 5.0, an PC with Exchange, and a Macbook.

On my BB I have 4 calendars (1 gmail and 3 BIS accounts) and on the Macbook 1 (gmail)

Does anyone know if you can sync an individual calendar on the BB with an individual calendar on the Mac? My concern is that if I sync with the Macbook that all 4 calendars will sync with the 1 on iCal, creating massive duplication and hysteria. The account I want to sync is my gmail account (which is not the default BB account). What is the best way to sync the gmail account with ical?

Is the easiest thing to do make the gmail account the default on the BB? If I do that how do I make sure that the exchange account is not syncing?
Thanks in advance for any advice

magicdudey 02-11-2011 03:23 PM

Re: ical sync
I have a solution.
I had 3 calenders on the imac, one : calendar, one for work which has zero entries and family which had zero entries.
Once I just had the main CALENDAR ticked and not the others it works super fast and now syncs super fast. AWESOME!

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