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magician1 05-16-2011 01:00 PM

New Mac
Just had a big problem with a new imac do apple changed it for a new icore 5.
I went to official store and had the previous mac cloned hardrive so I should be able to plug in usb's and away I go. No so quick!!!!! It is now letting my sync with blackberry desktop for mac BUT it wants to change nearly all my calander dates to a PUBLIC setting on the view sync messages?
Please can you advise if you have had this, my other mac is sitting next to me and it working perfectly but this new mac although it has the cloned hard drive does not want to sync smoothly.

magician1 05-18-2011 06:16 PM

Re: New Mac
OK, I went for it and reinstalled BB Mac desktop and it took ages to sync but then did a sync alert saying it wanted to slightly change load of calender entries. I viewed them as they seemed no difference in the BEFORE and AFTER view and found that there were were nothing deleted but a few extra rogue calendar entries had duplicate themsleves. I deleted them and all is back to normal.
It looks to me that when you try and sync a new mac of BB for the first time it wants to change something? on the calendar entries to make them Mac comptible? I've had this twice now and only get the massive calander sync alert when I use my exisating BBB with a new Mac.
I thought more of you on this forum would reply with similar experience of having this???? Do let me know if you can shed some light why this happens.
All the best,

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