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Default Don't count PocketMac out yet.

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Let me start by saying I am not connected to PocketMac or Missing Sync. I am just a BlackBerry 7130e and Mac (G5 iMac - 10.4.9) user trying to get my data to sync.

I originally tried PocketMac as early as version 3 and then the first release of 4.0. I was generally satisfied with the exception of the reminder alarms on my tasks which kept getting erased from the BB.

When Missing Sync came out in beta I tried it because of all of the great things I have heard about other Mark Space products. I tried the Missing Sync through the 3 betas they released. I think it is a fine product and the tech support seems extremely responsive and helpful. Blaine at Mark Space must have been monitoring every forum post they had and a lot of good bug fixes were identified and are being worked on. But I (and others) ran into an issue with all day calendar events that I consider serious. That seems to be an issue between Entourage and Apple Sync Services that they are trying to address. In the meantime, my calendar is a mess. I spent almost two hours last night deleting dozens of all day events that now appeared as 12 hous blocks of time over multiple days. I also discovered that many items had been duplicated as calendar items numerous times, probably with each sync. I need my calendar records for historical purposes and had to go back to 2003 in Entourage and ahead into 2008 to get everything straightened out. Missing Sync also has the same Task Reminder Alarm issue that PocketMac does.

For now I am back to the latest version of PocketMac (4.0.20). I think the support from Mark Space is head and shoulders above PocketMac and Blackberry but in the end, I can't deal with the calendar issues that Missing Sync has with all-day events. There has been a lot of negative comments about PocketMac on this site. I certainly am not trying to change anyone's opinion. PocketMac, with the exception of the Task Reminders is working perfectly for me. (Your mileage may vary.)

I think both products show great promise and I'll keep an eye on both to see who copmes up with some better fixes first. I'm not opposed to buying the Mark Space product once they get it right but at the moment, PocketMac (at a cost of free) is my preferred option.

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dschwartzer...thanks for your indepth analysis, and let me say, I am in exactly the same place as you. I've used PocketMac 3 & 4, and so far, everything basically works with the exception of stripping out the due dates on my iCal tasks. I will add that the sync process is slow in my mind (about 7 minutes). I do have hundreds of calendar items, and 1600 contacts, but when I use to sync with Palm Desktop (Hotsync), it was a much, much shorter process!!

PocketMac is also being licensed by Blackberry so there is always the hope that RIM will actually care about the software they release for use by their MAC customers.
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I started with PocketMac back when they were the only game in town for syncing my AudioVox SMT5600 WM Smartphone. It stank. Rarely ever worked or even connected to the phone. And I see a lot hasn't changed with PocketMac... it still doesn't seem like an integrated app - lots of separate sync apps bounce around in the dock and such. But when it worked, it got the job done.

Markspace eventually came out with MissingSync for WM. The first version or two - not so great. But by the time WM5 devices came along and MarkSpace caught up with version 3, it was pretty solid, save for Bluetooth which is still flakey.

I've tried PM and MS for BlackBerry. PocketMac hasn't changed much from the early Windows Mobile days, but when it works, it works.

MissingSync's first version for BlackBerry sort of works pretty well, save fro the calendard problem noted above. It's also missing a lot of features that I think need to be there such as direct support for Entourage and application installation. So here's hoping that Markspace stays true to history and gets a more solid, fully featured version of MissingSync for BB out ASAP!!!

In the meantime, I think I'm going to have to go back to PocketMac as well.

BTW, MissincSync for Palm is ROCK SOLID! Sometimes I miss the Palm OS just for that reason. It just worked. It was always fast and Mac support was awesome. I guess that's what happens when you're a dinosaur though. Well, wait... actually my 650 did crash a lot, but at least it rebooted and was ready to go automatically! Heh.

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