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drakkenkorin 05-05-2007 01:17 PM

more PocketMac issues
before someone flames me, i did do a search for "PocketMac" on the Mac Users Corner, but none of those addressed the issues i'm having - so i decided to post a question here.

some background: i have 2 macs, a powermac g4 (10.3.?) and a mac book pro (10.4.9). i've installed powermac on both (the "latest" version that was linked from pockemac's website).

i've tried syncing my bb 8100 pearl to my mac's and pockemac doens't seem to "see" my bb. my macs can see the bb.

another think, everytime i start pocket mac, it causes my mac's to hang and hang horribly (all this without the bb being connected).

so i figure something may have gone wrong during the installation process, so i trash the program from both macs and reinstalled - same issues:

PocketMac cant see my bb, eventhough my macs can see them
PocketMac causes my macs to hang something bad (2 mins at least)

any suggestions?

test54 05-05-2007 03:28 PM

yeah, mine does the same thing. It was working fine for weeks and then nothing. tried reinstall and same results. and no i'm not spending $50 for the other program...I will use the dm on my other computer but this is a sad time for pocketmac....very disappointing.

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