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Default mac sync + BES - separate contacts?

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I posted this in the general forum, but it was also suggested I field this question in the mac forum to see if anyone here had some ideas on how to achieve this. Sorry for duplicate posting, probably should have posted here in the first place

Original Post-

Currently a Q user (hate it), and have been looking at the BB Pearl.

Right now on the Q i'm using Good Mobile Messaging, which lets me keep my work stuff isolated from my personal stuff. Work email/contacts/calendar all sync up over GMM, and then I sync my personal contacts/calendar off my Macbook Pro (which get stored in the Outlook calendar/contacts on the Q) via Missing Sync.

I've done some searching, but I can't find any real definite answer on whether I'd be able to do the same with a Pearl (or any BB). I'd be using BES for work, but I also want to be able to sync my personal contacts/calendar of my Mac, and keep them separate (using Missing Sync or whatever). I don't want to have to merge it all. With WM5 (and Palm for that matter) devices you can keep everything isolated if you use GMM.

Is this doable on BB?

Appreciate the help Really want to ditch this Q, its horrible and locks up non stop with Good on it.
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Default No such luck

This is not possible through my two weeks of research into everything Blackberry and private. I was a SmartPhone user for some time and hated it but not as much as the Blackberry. Here's the synopsis of my research:

- The blackberry Inbox is connected to your BES if you have that service and can be monitored by your company. Any sub email accounts need to be configured through BIS and are not monitored (unless you are being watched by the feds). Worse to this all email rolls up into the Inbox so you don't know where your mail is coming from sometimes nor can you seperate them. SmartPhone allowed you to have seperated email boxes and switch in-between.

- Address book is also managed by BES and there is no way to have seperate address books. Same with Calendar of course. I have put all my contact information on our BES (Exchange) but kept my calendar off. Every day I ask myself if I should just carry two phones to keep some privacy but even if I did I would still have to look in two calendars and two address books to do anything. It's just maddening.

- You can use services such as Gmail for private email and Yahoo Go Mobile 2.0 for address book/email/calendar. But Go 2.0 is a read only app for address book and calendar. And this app does not share it's data with the Blackberry services so you still have two seperated address books/calendars! And I also have a mac so have been using Plaxo Beta which allows multi-point sync from Mac-Yahoo-Gmail-Outlook-AOL-Plaxo-xxx, etc. But this service does not work (beta) as advertised and I have had all my calendars and address books corrupted over the last two weeks. And I always have backups

Conclusion - I can not understand why someone has not created an IMAP/POP Email client that can communicate directly with email servers through the internet instead of through the BES/BIS system. And why there is no app that can sync/share address books with other platforms, like Plaxo or Yahoo, considering that blackberries are the most used platform out there. Maybe SmartPhone was not so bad; but I had to reboot that twice a day.

For now I have put my address book on BES/Exchange and use the BIS system for my personal email so it gets sent to my phone. And for Calendars I've been forced to use it less for personal things and mark things private when I do (which is really not completely secure).

I forgot to mention. This BIS email service for personal email says it's an IMAP application. But don't bother. It's only one way. If you delete an email on your PC/Imap client it will not delete on your phone. But if you read it on your phone and delete it, it will be deleted on your PC/Imap client. CRAZY! (And even this feature needs to be enabled as an setting)

Help us.


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