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Tarquinthe3rd 06-28-2007 05:14 AM

Newby Looking For Mail Sync Guidance
Hi - I am new to the forums and have been doing a load of research as I want to get a BB. I think the 8300 is the one for me, however I have some concerns on how this will work with my mac and how syncing works.

I have a number of pop accounts, both business and personal and want to run these through my BB. I understand that I cannot get push email as I do not have a BES, but can anyone explain to me how this would work with both my business and personal pop accounts?

I know that it will pull it down to my BB every 15 mins or so, but then how does syncing work? I see pockemac syncs emails - but in real life how does this work?

I am sorry if thise seems like an amateur question, I am still learning but I could not locate an explanation of how this process works.

Many thanks

mr_kitty 06-29-2007 05:12 AM

Mail synching didn't work at all in the PM versions I've tried. They may have fixed it, but really it's not needed.

Your service provider will most likely provide a BIS (blackberry internet service) with your blackberry plan. This will allow you to add multiple POP3 or IMAP email accounts.

Check with your email hosts for your personal and business accounts and see if they support IMAP as IMAP accounts on your blackberry will give you the added benefit of copying your sent messages to your mail server.

Set your email client on your mac (Mail or Entourage or whatever) to delete the mail off the server 1 day or more after checking (or not delete at all, depending on your storage limits on your email account). This will make sure your blackberry still gets email when your email client is open.

That's it. Leave the syncing to contacts and calendar. ;-)

Tarquinthe3rd 07-05-2007 03:05 AM

Mr Kitty,

Thank you very much for your guidance - as you recommended I am going to switch to IMAP on my accounts so that my mail is in sync.

The one question I do have now is how does syncing with IMAP work. I have been reading some other threads and they state that IMAP works from your BB to the server, but not vice versa. So your BB will pull in the emails from the server, and if you reply to them on your BB they will sync with the server, but the same is not true from your laptop to the BB.

Sorry if that sounds a little messed up - just trying to work out the best solution for me

Many thanks

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