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Jeikobu 10-27-2007 10:34 PM

Uploading pictures and ringtones, sharing ringtones
I have three problems with my Blackberry Pearl phone.

1) Is it possible to upload pictures from my computer? For example, there's a picture I want to use for my home screen but it'd look a lot nicer if I could upload it to my phone from my computer raher than taking a picture of it with my phone and then using that.

2) Can I upload my own custom ringtones? For example, I want to use a sound clip of the Colorado Avalanche goal horn and theme for my dad's ringtone. I know with some phones you can make MP3s and upload them as ringtones, but will that work with Blackberries? BTW, in case it's relevant, I have no internet with T-Mobile since it's too expensive, though I know I can download ringtones from "t-zones" on my phone.

3) Finally, is it possible to share ringtones, or do I have to buy them myself? For example, my brother called a number and bought a ringtone for the Christian band Building 429. I want that ringtone too so I can use it for him, but can't I just get it from him somehow rather than having to buy it myself? We use the same service even, so...


thaKing 10-27-2007 11:19 PM

1 - yes, use desktop manager software (came with your BB)
2 - yes, use desktop manager software
3 - not sure if you can (and it may be "illegal" to do so) but once again, try the desktop manager software...connect the phone with the ringtone on it, download it to pc, connect other phone and upload the ringtone...

mental case 10-28-2007 09:08 PM

tell him to send you the ringtone via MMS, i send people toned to share all the time. easy way to do it or have him email it to you.

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