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beprahst 10-22-2008 06:35 AM

Pictures are scrambled when synching to PC
I have a Curve 8320 on OS 4.2 with Desktop Manager 4.2. Let me say that I do have an IT policy that encrypts the SDHC can't use "mass storage mode". But we can use media manager through desktop manager to move things on and off the card. What's strange is that on my work laptop I can move pics to and from without issue. At home I also have a laptop with DM 4.2 and when I try to move pictures taken on the BB to the PC via Media Manager, they get scrambles, like when there interference on the TV screen...each picture moves fine but when you go to view them, they have streak in them. The can see just enough to recognize the picture to tell which one it was, but obviosuly not useable.

I'm wonder if a reinstall of DM or the USB drivers might be called for. That's the only thing that doesn't work in the whole setup. Thoughts?

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